The BetrAyal (another PLL post) spoilers!

I am sickly obsessed with Pretty Little Liars.
Tomorrow is the Summer Finale and I thought I would give you my theories. Okay.  So, if everyone remembers my post here that EZRA was A and I was very very wrong. Last season finale was insane...but when we got to A was...I wasn't surprised. It followed the books. Now, I have no idea if this is going to mirror the books again, but if it isn't here are possible theories that make sense to me that I saw on Tumblr. (Search "A theories")

I still think Ezra is guilty. Marlene has tweeted many things that confuse me. Like this typo (????!)
Why did she keep spelling it like that?! She later says in tweets its a "typo" but I doubt that. 

Then someone asked her lucky number on twitter....

B26 is that poem that was in Ezra's book!! Coincidence? So. Confused.

And then there is a "Great Gatsby" theory going around the internet....which this made me think that it may be true!

Aria may be Daisy Buchanan for Halloween! The Great Gatsby theory goes like this: In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby runs over a girl. Ezra has mentioned more than once that his favorite book is The Great Gatsby... is there a correlation there?

So here are the other things that people have noticed online via Marlene King's twitter: 

Another typo?! No. Shim is what Mona and Hanna called Lucas! Am I right?! 

And then the last thing that kind of made my skin crawl was this tweet: 

CeCe called Paige "relentless" when describing her to Spencer. What!? 

Aaaand don't even get me started on CeCe...is she supposed to be the book's Tabitha?!

The last theory I am starting to believe is that Nate is actually someone that Emily should not be friends with. I think Nate may have killed Maya. Why would Nate get so pissed that Jenna was faking blind?! Because she saw something. That's why she left. That's why she warned Emily. BOOM.

Ali once said in the episode If these dolls could talk  "Don't get hung up on the details and miss what's parked right in front of you."

I honestly think I need a hobby.
Don't judge me. 



  1. i dont think you need a hobby! and I think ezra and nate are shady too. I hate to say it but ezra and aria are TOO PERFECT together for something to not go wrong. (besides the kid)....

    I cant believe tomorrow is the finale. poo.


  2. Hahaaaaa I love pll too! Can't wait for the finale!


  3. I love you for this. Because - yet again - you've caught about 15 things that I haven't. Love it + you! Let's chat tonight after we see what goes down ;)

  4. Whoa I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog and saw these PLL therories! I am excited to see what else you come up with :)

  5. LOVE your blog!Found you thru the I Love My Online Friends GFC Hop! New Follower! YAY!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  6. omg i think i must be the only person that has never watched this....everyone seems to be talking about it!!