Previously on Twitter...

On Monday, while driving to work, Cosmo Radio reported that JTimbs and JBiel got married over the weekend. I legit screamed "Noooooo!" right there at the stoplight....and then went straight to twitter. 

 I am sorry about ruining your dreams Sarah, but I found out today that it wasn't true. What was my lesson learned? Don't go straight to twitter when you hear things that aren't confirmed with pics. 

JBiel is a lucky beyotch.



  1. I read something about that the other day and was wondering if it really happened. I wonder how rumors like that get started.

  2. Wait, it DIDN'T happen!? #SoConfused

  3. WOW i just felt way too many emotions in way too short a period. I was sad and excited at the same time, then relieved and excited. phew! She IS one lucky lady. Although, i dreamed JT was a jerk to me once and my feelings for him diminished ever so slightly from my former teeny bopper, NSync-loving days.