How's everyone doing after the huge episode of PLL on Tuesday? I thought I would wait a few days to let the crazyness that is -A sink in.

So okay. It went down like this:

The first five minutes there was crying. A lot of crying....from Hanna and Hanna only. Now, if you are obsessed with PLL like me and my friend Jen, you knew the only reason that Hanna would be sobbing this hard would be because of her hottie hot hot boyfran, Caleb.

I mean, he's pretty right?

So then it flashes back to two days later. Blah blah blah, Mona escaped from the mental hospital dressed as a nurse (because that happens..)

Then, basically Maggie (AKA Alex Mack) found Ezra's apartment and Aria was still there, when Aria told Maggie that she was somebody completely different when she went to spy on her at Maggie's 1st grade class.

Ruh-Ro. That storyline went no where this episode, so...I guess there is always next season. I am def thinking that Ezra still has something to do with the A-Team.

Theeeeeen Emily decides to go with Nate (Maya's cousin) to a cabin, later on we find out Nate is really not Nate and Nate is actually Maya's ex, Lyndon... ya following? So Nate pulls poor Paige out of the closet, where she is ductaped up and he is going to kill her.

First of all, told you that Paige wasn't part of the A-Team. They would have not made such a big deal out of her creepy-ness last episode. Second of all, OBVIOUSLY Nate isn't a good guy. OBVIOUSLY he shows up out of no where in the middle of the season and wants to be friends with Em? Yeah... no. STALKER.

The last 10 minutes was NUTS. Caleb goes after Emily, because they know that something is up with Nate. Caleb finds Emily in a LIGHTHOUSE (where did they find that?!!) fighting with Nate and Emily stabs Nate. Next thing you know, the camera pans out to the lighthouse and YOU HEAR A GUNSHOT.

So there is where we came into the show at the beginning where Hanna is sobbing, Caleb seems to be alive, going into an ambulance....

Pretty sure Nate is dead.

Then here comes the shocker of the night. Mona is talking to a black hooded person about how the plan went wrong and how they were going to have to try next time and then she tells the hooded person good bye and they turn around...

It's FREAKEN TOBY!!!! I will let that settle with you for a minute. Pretty sure I screamed. Loud. And it ended with Toby scampering away. 

Uhhhh, WHAT?! 

Sooo do you think Toby is a bad guy? Good guy? Crazy for joining the A-team? 

God, I need help. 



  1. so i totally said "oh my god" and my mouth hung open for 5 minutes!!! truthfully i just thought Toby was bad the bone until people said maybe they are having him pretend to be bad. That would be awesome but I just don't know...

  2. I personally do not think toby is bad...I could be wrong but it kind of makes me think hes only "working" for the A team because he wants info or the A team has something on him...Idk if you read HP or not but the whole ending seemed ever so Snape-ish to me. But I knew thats who A was going to be, because after Spenser and Toby boned..he was all distant and weird...duh.

    Love reading your PLL Posts!


  3. I am SO addicted to PLL's! I buy the seasons on Dvd, and then end up watching the whole season in about 48 hours. I was lucky enough that someone sent me this season in advance. I'm not going to spoil it but it will leave you hooked! And I'm totally in love with Caleb <3 Just don't tell my husband!