Oh, Honey [Boo Boo]

I am what my brother likes to call "redneck" ...OK. maybe not ME, but he definitely is. 

THIS is redneck. He has a BONE on his necklace. Notice his {DENIM} shirt unbuttoned to show his chest hair. Mind you, this pic was snapped IN. CHURCH. 
those are beers in the corner... and yes, that's an axe and a chainsaw. 
But WHAT the heck is this Honey Boo Boo schtuff on TV?! She claims that her family is "redneck"...oh Honey Boo Boo, NO.

THIS is redneck. 
yes, this is actually where he lives. yes, that's an outhouse.
 Don't worry, he has all his teeth... 
In October, he will be getting married on the family farm, having a pig roast, four-wheelers...the whole nine. 

I almost wore this: 

No, just no. Why TLC, WHY!?

Stay tuned to see what I actually wear...





  1. dying laughing at the formal camo dress. you totally should have worn it!!

    1. so happy I didn't have to though, I don't look good in camo! hahaha

  2. Found your blog from the linkup. This post cracked me up! I've been a Northerner my whole life and so for me, Honey Boo Boo is pretty redneck! I'm dying over the camo dress. I'm a new follower :)

    The Tiny Heart
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    1. thank you so much! :) Honey Boo Boo is...just cray. I can't even put it into words!

      <3 Liz

  3. Just swinging by to say hi from YOLO! Now following you via GFC. Oh my word, I just saw that tv show this last week, out of control! haha Hope you have a great start to the week. I am celebrating reaching 200 GFC followers on the blog. Giving away some of my favorite things :) You can enter here: http://dalaynadillon.blogspot.com/2012/08/200-is-here-giveaway.html
    Talk to ya later!

  4. hahha one of the best posts ive ever read! i am cracking up!

    Have a great week ahead! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!

  5. I'm almost positive you have the cutest blog ever!
    Newest follower from the GFC hop! Love your blog! Check mine out sometime. I'd love to have you :)


  6. OMG. Can you please get me invited to the wedding? :)

  7. You had me laughing at the title of this post. I cannot believe Honey Boo Boo (can't believe I even just typed that out) has her own show! Anyway, I'm so glad to have found you via the GFC blog hop and I'm your newest follower. Feel free to stop by my blog anytime- I'm currently hosting my August giveaway which I would love for you to enter for a chance to win products from Sibu Beauty! Happy Tuesday!