Happy Birthday to bloggie! A new, fresh look and start....

You may be a little confused when you clicked on this today, but I just wanted to make sure that you know this used to be Chanel and Chocolate Cake, but after a lot of though and much deliberation, I decided to change my blog name. I didn't want to get into any legal trouble with Chanel so I thought "change is good!"  
Now, I know my newest blog look wasn't up for very long, but I want to say how much I LOVE Kristen who designed my last look. 

This time, my dear dear friend Aubrey from The Kinch Life  (srsly, she is amazing) offered to help after I frantically started to try and figure out my next move for Chanel and Chocolate Cake.

So, now I am known as
The reason behind this name has to do with Carrie Bradshaw, obvi. When Carrie is writing her articles for the paper, she sometimes says "I couldn't help but wonder...{are we sluts?} {is romance dead?}" things like that. I thought it went along with my obsession with SATC and my blog well.


  1. I'm OBSESSED with thisss. So precious. And love the new name ;) <3

  2. I LOVE THE NAME SO MUCH!! and the redesign is too cute!