Stealing from my girl 53Blonde!! I thought this would be a great way to get my thoughts out..because today was a glass case of emotion!

reading: I am going to start reading a book called Bared to You which is supposed to be compared to 50 Shades...but with better writing. MUUUCH better. Because, well, 50 Shades made me wanna poke my eyes out.
writing: Blog posts. Trying to stay caught up! It's like a third job!
listening: FRIENDS. It's the episode where Phoebe gives Rachel a massage at that corporate place.
thinking: how great Beardy's friends are.
smelling: a hot rice bag. my legs hurt so bad from working today and running around the park with my friends toddler.
wishing: that things will start looking up...they have to... right?
hoping: for the best. what doesn't kill you makes you strongerrrr....
wearing: stripey tank top and hollister shorts
loving: my new hairz.
 wanting: a money tree.
 needing: my blog friends here. now.
 feeling: sore. #iworkout
 clicking: texting jennntastic. (yes, she needs three n's) and group texting. loves it.



  1. Writing blog posts really is like another job! I need to read that book! I actually haven't even finished 50 shades.. I haven't really been that interested..

    1. I painfully finished the 3rd book. I just... ugh. THE WRITINGGG.

  2. where in the midwest are you from? i live in wichita, ks
    now follow you thru GFC. found u thru the naptime review gfc follower blog hop. thanks!

    1. Wisconsin, right by the Mississipp! I love finding Midwesterners via the blog world!!!!

  3. Hey lady! I'm a new follower from the GFC hop and I'd love a follow back at http://www.two-in-diapers.blogspot.com! :)