Birchbox July 2012 (late!)

Birchbox was a little late last month and I just got around to opening and using the box! So let's break it down: 

 1. Manna Kadar Cosmetics Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion value $1.45
 2. Oscar de la Renta live in love perfume value $1.00
 3. Neon earbuds value $10.00
 4. minteas matcha chai value $ 3.32
 5. Blinc mascara value $3.66
 6. jouer lip gloss in wind value $1.26

total $20.69

This month was all about the senses and Birchbox was partnered with Glamour. I think I just have very high expectations because of the Teen Vogue BB from a prior month.

The mints are cinnamon-y which I love, because I reallllly hate mint mints.

Also the earbuds were a nice surprise, esp because neon is SO in right now.

The lipgloss is a beautiful nude which I have been wanting to try for a while.

The bronzer is very pigmented, but not orange looking. I am so excited to try both of these! 

Are you part of Birchbox? You can click here to become part of it!

I know that there are maaaany other subscription boxes out there (myGlam,Glossybox,Sample Society...) but I have been sticking to Birchbox for a year, tried and true. I love trying out mascaras, lip glosses and the randoms that they throw in there. For every bad box there is, there is always a good one following!



  1. It looks like you got a lot of great things. I think my faves are the bronzer and lip gloss! Super pretty colors!
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  2. Wanted to stop by and say thank you for linking up for blogworking wed! I hope you met some great new bloggers!

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  4. You get the BEST stuff in your Birch Box. My box last month was crap! I need to change my beauty settings to yours!