are you there? it's me warhol...

hi people who read my mom's blog! 
warhol here. while mom was busy doing laundry at the man who wears neon's house, i thought i would raid her page. 

now i know that she clogs up your instagram feed with pics of me and oz, and i apologize for that. i don't know why she is so darn obsessed with me! 
ok, that's a lie. 
i know why she loves me so much. it's because i am the best. (i kid, i kid) 
but really, what cat do you know that can roll over and meow on command? 

now let's talk about the fact that i have a little brother. who knew that was going to happen... i am not necessarily happy with the fact that the little guy is always following me, taking my window perches, but it is nice to not be alone during the day while the big one and mom go off to work. (don't tell my mom that.) 

because i have all of your attention, just want to give mom's friend layla a shout out. mom is always talking about how we are going to ride down south to go see her. i think mom's crazy. mom knows how much i hate cars. layla, you will just have to come up here i guess. ;3 

has anyone else heard of this new birchbox for cats?
 mom gets her birchbox monthly and i am jealous! who says she needs that much makeup?
i need to try new catnip. (i only do it recreationally, don't worry!)

is anyone else catching shark week? mom keeps flipping through it. doesn't she know that i love sharks!? one can only take so much bachelor pad.

welp, i better be going! i heard mom's car...she's blasting backstreet boys again. when will she learn that boy bands were never cool? 

promise to do this more when mom is away!

love you!



  1. haha omg thanks Warhol for introducing me to pet birchbox. As if I wasn't crazy enough already :)

  2. I'm so glad that Warhol took over today and I'm not the only one who blogs about cats. Be sure to check out my blog on Caturday, oops I mean Saturday. www.esthernorinedesigns.blogspot.com

  3. Hiiiiiii Monsieur Fuzzybutts!!! You will have to come see me. Bring your mom. <3