Backstreet's back, alright.

I overslept this morning but just found the footage of BSB on GMA. It has been almost 20 years since they started making music and I am feeling a new boy band phenom coming back. 

They looked gooooood, sounded goooood (minor things with sound, but nothing a fan can't look past) 

Just one thing, now that I am 25 years old, I cannot believe how sexual their music (and dance moves) are. My mom let me listen to this stuff!? 

They announced that they are doing another Backstreet Boy Cruise with all 5 in October of next year, so it's on. I am going to sell everything I own to go....but seriously.... 

I am sure that the BSB vs. NSYNC fight will come back to le blawg, but who are we kidding? Backstreet's now back. NSYNC..? Justin is in a new movie? I guess that counts for something. 

I kid, I kid.



How's everyone doing after the huge episode of PLL on Tuesday? I thought I would wait a few days to let the crazyness that is -A sink in.

So okay. It went down like this:

The first five minutes there was crying. A lot of crying....from Hanna and Hanna only. Now, if you are obsessed with PLL like me and my friend Jen, you knew the only reason that Hanna would be sobbing this hard would be because of her hottie hot hot boyfran, Caleb.

I mean, he's pretty right?

So then it flashes back to two days later. Blah blah blah, Mona escaped from the mental hospital dressed as a nurse (because that happens..)

Then, basically Maggie (AKA Alex Mack) found Ezra's apartment and Aria was still there, when Aria told Maggie that she was somebody completely different when she went to spy on her at Maggie's 1st grade class.

Ruh-Ro. That storyline went no where this episode, so...I guess there is always next season. I am def thinking that Ezra still has something to do with the A-Team.

Theeeeeen Emily decides to go with Nate (Maya's cousin) to a cabin, later on we find out Nate is really not Nate and Nate is actually Maya's ex, Lyndon... ya following? So Nate pulls poor Paige out of the closet, where she is ductaped up and he is going to kill her.

First of all, told you that Paige wasn't part of the A-Team. They would have not made such a big deal out of her creepy-ness last episode. Second of all, OBVIOUSLY Nate isn't a good guy. OBVIOUSLY he shows up out of no where in the middle of the season and wants to be friends with Em? Yeah... no. STALKER.

The last 10 minutes was NUTS. Caleb goes after Emily, because they know that something is up with Nate. Caleb finds Emily in a LIGHTHOUSE (where did they find that?!!) fighting with Nate and Emily stabs Nate. Next thing you know, the camera pans out to the lighthouse and YOU HEAR A GUNSHOT.

So there is where we came into the show at the beginning where Hanna is sobbing, Caleb seems to be alive, going into an ambulance....

Pretty sure Nate is dead.

Then here comes the shocker of the night. Mona is talking to a black hooded person about how the plan went wrong and how they were going to have to try next time and then she tells the hooded person good bye and they turn around...

It's FREAKEN TOBY!!!! I will let that settle with you for a minute. Pretty sure I screamed. Loud. And it ended with Toby scampering away. 

Uhhhh, WHAT?! 

Sooo do you think Toby is a bad guy? Good guy? Crazy for joining the A-team? 

God, I need help. 



The BetrAyal (another PLL post) spoilers!

I am sickly obsessed with Pretty Little Liars.
Tomorrow is the Summer Finale and I thought I would give you my theories. Okay.  So, if everyone remembers my post here that EZRA was A and I was very very wrong. Last season finale was insane...but when we got to A was...I wasn't surprised. It followed the books. Now, I have no idea if this is going to mirror the books again, but if it isn't here are possible theories that make sense to me that I saw on Tumblr. (Search "A theories")

I still think Ezra is guilty. Marlene has tweeted many things that confuse me. Like this typo (????!)
Why did she keep spelling it like that?! She later says in tweets its a "typo" but I doubt that. 

Then someone asked her lucky number on twitter....

B26 is that poem that was in Ezra's book!! Coincidence? So. Confused.

And then there is a "Great Gatsby" theory going around the internet....which this made me think that it may be true!

Aria may be Daisy Buchanan for Halloween! The Great Gatsby theory goes like this: In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby runs over a girl. Ezra has mentioned more than once that his favorite book is The Great Gatsby... is there a correlation there?

So here are the other things that people have noticed online via Marlene King's twitter: 

Another typo?! No. Shim is what Mona and Hanna called Lucas! Am I right?! 

And then the last thing that kind of made my skin crawl was this tweet: 

CeCe called Paige "relentless" when describing her to Spencer. What!? 

Aaaand don't even get me started on CeCe...is she supposed to be the book's Tabitha?!

The last theory I am starting to believe is that Nate is actually someone that Emily should not be friends with. I think Nate may have killed Maya. Why would Nate get so pissed that Jenna was faking blind?! Because she saw something. That's why she left. That's why she warned Emily. BOOM.

Ali once said in the episode If these dolls could talk  "Don't get hung up on the details and miss what's parked right in front of you."

I honestly think I need a hobby.
Don't judge me. 




On Wednesday, I saw Just Peachy write about what was in her makeup bag. I thought that was a great idea because I haven't done one of these posts lately.  (And my makeup routine has changed too...) 

a. Garnier Fructis tinted under eye roller || this is a Godsend. I use it and it immediately diminished dark circles. 
b. ELF Tinted Moisturizer ||  this has great coverage and doesn't make me breakout.
c. Stay Matte Pressed Powder by Rimmel || I use this to set my makeup. 
d. Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten || has shimmer, but gives a healthy glow. 
e. POREfessional primer || I am obsessed with this stuff. I told Amanda how much I loved it and she ordered it! It's amaze. 
f. NYC Creme Stick || I am pretty sure that this is discontinued because it's a shame. This is blendable and pigmented. Oh, and cheap!
g. Dandelion Face Brightening Powder || been using this since high school. I swear by it. Makes you look more awake!
h. ELF Eyeshadow Primer || cheap and matte finish! 
i/j. Toasted/Sin eyeshadow || I use my naked palette just to give me a little smoky color. 
k. ybf eyebrow pencil || best eyebrow pencil hands down. I got in a Birchbox and LOVE it. 
l. MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara || this kind of smokes out your eyes too. MUFE is such a great line. I haven't hated anything out of it yet! I got samples from Miami Fashion Week and fell in love with everything! 

So there's my caboodle. Yes, I actually use a caboodle. I am a child of the 90s. 

Do you have makeup you swear by? Tell me about it! I love new products!



Previously on Twitter...

On Monday, while driving to work, Cosmo Radio reported that JTimbs and JBiel got married over the weekend. I legit screamed "Noooooo!" right there at the stoplight....and then went straight to twitter. 

 I am sorry about ruining your dreams Sarah, but I found out today that it wasn't true. What was my lesson learned? Don't go straight to twitter when you hear things that aren't confirmed with pics. 

JBiel is a lucky beyotch.



I pulled a Miley.

You all know that I work in a hair salon. 
Yesterday after my shift, I decided to do a little bit of a change. Ok, about 5 inches of change. 

 Yep. I pulled a Miley. 

 This was my inspiration. But not as short... I didn't want to pull a full Miley. 

Annnnd here's the finished look. 

 I needed a change. Now maybe I should go blonde! (i kid, i kid)