What's in my bag? Featuring Sara from You.And.Me.Are.We!

This is one of my newest friends, Sara! She wanted to play along, too! Sara is FAB and she is a fellow Wisconsin Blogger (holla!) 

Hey everyone! I'm Sara and I blog over at You.And.Me.Are.We! I am a 20-something newlywed and am enjoying every single moment of it!

You're not here to listen to me go on and on; you're here to see my purse! Without further ado, here's what I lug around with me everywhere I go :)

1) My purse is a Coach, but you wouldn't know it at first glance. In fact, that's kind of what I like about it. It has the Coach quality without screaming that it's from a Coach store. I also love that it's neutral enough to go with just about every outfit I have!

2) I bought this cute yellow polka dotted wallet at Target this spring. I love that it's thin and flat because it discourages me stuffing it full of every receipt I get :)

3) I can't go anywhere without my Post-Its! I write notes all.of.the.time. to remind me about things I need to get done, so I love my Post-its.

4) This perfume is Sexy Little Things from Victoria's Secret. I got it as a Christmas gift and love that it's small enough to fit in my purse if I need to freshen up throughout the day.

5) I have nasty allergies and have a hard time not itching my eyes when I wear contacts. These drops are a life (and mascara!) saver.

6) Ok, how cute is this little pack of gum!? I'm a gum-aholic, so I always have at least one pack of gum in my purse. I love Orbit but have never turned down another kind of gum if my breath is feeling stale - you know what I mean!

7) I found this Revlon Lip Butter {at - where else! - Target} a few months ago and love it so much that I'm going to need to get a new tube soon. I have a color named Berry Smoothie, but my next one's gonna be Peach Parfait!
The yellow ball is Eos Lip Balm in a really yummy lemon flavor. It's a great lip balm for summer since it has some sunscreen in it!

8) One can never have too many bobby pins - just in case!

9) This summer I'm loving Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer sunscreen. It's not greasy at all, which is great! My husband doesn't tan - he goes from pasty white to lobster red - so he also uses this sunscreen when we're out in the sun unexpectedly. 

10) The planners that you find in stores are never exactly what I'm looking for, so I just bought a little notebook and made my own weekly planner. I use it more during the school year, but it's another place for me to jot down notes when I think of things that need to get done!

11) Yeah, don't be a hater - I don't have a cool phone. We're due to get new phones but we've been too lazy to go and renew our contract & pick out new phones. Until then, enjoy my 3 year old pseudo-Blackberry!

12) I keep two pairs of sunglasses in my purse because I often put one down and can't remember if I left it in the car or on my dresser. Plus, it's nice to have a dark pair and a gold pair so I can match the glasses to the a) outfit or b) type of activity I'll be doing while wearing them.

You really can tell a lot about a woman from her purse, can't you?

Stop by and say hi - I'm looking forward to seeing you over at You.And.Me.Are.We!

Thanks for being such a great hostess, Liz! It's been a pleasure.


  1. I love that Coach purse and the polka dot wallet from Targay- adorbs! You can't have enough lip balm or bobby pins!

    I will have to do a link up tomorrow (after I sort through my purse). :)


  2. Hey I will be hosting a linkup tomorrow! It will go live at 8 AM Central! I'd love for you to join!!!

    1. I dont see the linkup- am I looking in the wrong place?

  3. Perfect, will do!! :)


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  5. loving all of these BAG posts!!


  6. I love how colorful her post is!! In other news, I will send this to you TONIGHT.

    Happy Thursday!


  7. Love this post! :) What a fabulous idea! New follower. :) :)