What's in my bag? Featuring Melissa from 53blonde!

Today we continue with Melissa from 53blonde! I am kind of obsessed with her blog and we have become really fast friends and will be having a blog meet-up soon! Cannot wait to receive my Erin Condren life planner that I won through her giveaway, so I can be as obsessed as she is with hers!   

okay - i am beyond obsessed with the "what's in your bag" posts. i'm apparently really nosey and need to know everything that i can about everyone. so when one of my absolute favorite people in the world asked for guest bloggers - i basically jumped up and down waving that i wanted to do one!
oh, by the way. hi - nice to meet you :) i'm melissa from 53blonde. i probably should have started with that ;) anyway: here's what's in my bag!
{i'm dividing these by columns - so think of them that way as you read this}
nine west glasses: i don't HAVE to wear glasses to drive at night, but i really should. i don't know how i passed the whole "eye test" thing when i renewed my license, because i definitely do not have great vision. but hey, i'll take it! regardless, i carry these in my bag just in case i end up driving at night. ray ban sunglasses: i lost my original pair of ray bans - by lost, i mean i suspect my younger brother stole them - but wherever they are, they aren't with me. these are my replacements and i'm taking MUCH better care of them, including keeping them in their case when they aren't on my face. vera bradley coin wallet: aka: a little bag of drugs/necessities. and no, i'm not a pill popper haha. what i mean by that is i have a little baggy of ibuprofen, some medicine for an upset stomach (which i get frequently), as well as day and night cold medicine varieties. i also have been known to carry around my medications (just one of each) in case i unexpectedly decide to stay the night somewhere. this little coin purse also has gum and oil-absorbing wipes. moo business card holder: you never know who you're going to meet. i always carry a few with me and when i'm carrying them in my big purse (i use a different bag when attending concerts) i carry around the whole container. marc jacobs pretty nylon ipad case: to protect my pretty, pretty baby ipad. since i've given my kindle to my momma, i do all my reading on the kindle app. oh, and this is much lighter/easier to carry than my laptop, haha. keys: you can't tell because of the size of the photo, but i have one sparkly key - it's my favorite, our house key. i also have my mail and car keys on here, mr. piggleston (aka: the coach pig, as named by my fiance philip), and my university of michigan lanyard. fossil key per wallet: wallet - self explanatory. this also holds all my concert tickets, banking info, a picture of kir (my best friend that passed away), and any receipts i deem worthy of keeping. erin condren life planner: i wasn't kidding when i said i was obsessed with my planner. i carry it everywhere with me (and if i happen to forget it, i transcribe appointments in it when i get home) iphone: also known as my baby, obsession, the love of my life - the list goes on. really. i love my iphone, i don't remember how i lived life without it. markers: markers to go with my planner. i'm just a tad OCD you know, and that means i write everything in their designated colors. my blog is in light green, my wedding blog dark green, all-things-wedding in pink, work calls in dark purple, work tasks in light purple, concerts in yellow, plans with people in orange, appointments of the non-wedding variety in light blue. not kidding. i won't write it in the planner unless i have the markers sooo often i scribble things down on paper or put them in my phone then write them in later. cuticle pusher: which also can double as a nail file in a dire situation. vanilla brown sugar hand sanitizer: i don't like standing in line at the movies, or anywhere really, to wash my hands so i always carry hand sanitizer with me. jasmine vanilla lotion: my favorite smell! seriously i can't get enough of this stuff. i also use the body wash. not pictured: iphone/ipad charger, water bottle, and roll on scent (american eagle bohemian) and an outtake of my little photoshoot - because chester just couldn't resist getting in a photo.
if you'd like to stalk me, you can find me on twitter, writing on my personal blog, and blogging about my wedding. i'm also on instagram, though there are more photos of chester than me if you head that way ;)


  1. Love your bag! I've heard such great things about those planners, I may have to get one.

    1. Thank you!! I cannot wait to try out the planner. I have heard good things.

  2. Those planners are so amazing!

  3. That is the most adorable purse ever!! I need it

  4. i"m tempted to buy that bag.