What's in my bag? Featuring Crystal from Coffee at Nordstorm!

Crystal just got married and flew off to Bora Bora and I was cut off from all types of communication with me. I died a little each day for ten days. She is adorbs and I kind of want her purse...and sunglasses.....

Hey ladies! I am Crystal! 
I blog over at Coffee at Nordstrom. 

I blog about my everyday life as a med-school wife, with a Starbucks coffee in one hand and a Nordstrom bag in the other hand! I was so excited when Liz had asked me to partake in her "What's in my bag?" series! How fun is that! My purse is no Mary Poppin's bag, but I do have some wonderful things to share!
 Women tend to put a lot (and I do mean.. A LOT) of things in their bag, and most of it is completely useless. For a long time, I couldn't wear big bags, because I never thought I could fill it. But, for a while now, I've learned that, that is not the case. I carry way too many things with me.  
Do you feel the same way?

I carry a Louis Vuitton Hampstead PM. I received it from my parents. My iPad is a lot lighter than my laptop, so I usual carry that with me as well.  I also try to always keep my agenda with me, I write all my appointments, parties, and other important things such as blog post ideas, or meetings for my new job. Of course, a pen is a usual carry-on. Next thing, my Kate Spade glasses, that I just throw in my bag to go with me everywhere. Some hand cream, I use it each time after washing hands so it keeps my hands moisturized at all time in this Arizona heat. Finally my LV wallet and iPhone, basic essential.

Let's start with my purse.
I carry a Louis Vuitton Hampstead PM . I absolutely love it! It is the perfect size! It looks a lot smaller in the picture than what it really is in real life. I know in the picture above it shows my iPad. My iPad doesn't fit in it, but it is normally with me, so I felt like adding it in!
What kind of bag do you carry?

Next is my iPad. I absolutely love my iPad. I received it this past Christmas. I use it all the time! It is so much easier to carry the iPad with me everywhere instead of lugging my computer around everywhere with me. My case is the Burberry Haymarket Check.
Where did you get your iPad case? What's your favorite app?

You may have noticed my iPhone was sitting on top of a smaller clutch. I bought that at the last year at the Nordstrom, and have never seen another clutch like it. It is a small Burberry Haymarket Check iPhone holder. It also has a few slots for cash or credit cards. It is perfect for times when I don't feel like carrying my purse with me into the post office or the grocery store. 
Here is one similar, but not identical.
What kind of iPhone case do you have?

I have had the LV Sarah wallet for almost 2 years now. It's the best wallet. I used to change my wallet all the time, but since this purchase, I haven't changed at all! Its a great size. Not too big and not too small!
What's your favorite wallet?

This is just a regular Coach Planner (similar). Nothing special at all! It does the job. I know what you are thinking about my planner." You don't have the EC Life Planner!" I always look to see if other bloggers are using their EC planner, and unfortunately I have had to change to a more sophisticated planner for my big girl job! I absolutely LOVE my EC Life Planner, and I most certainly still use it every single day. but not for work. I use it for blogging and different fun things like that.
What kind of planner do you use?

My car keys, EOS lip balm, lotion, Kate Spade sunglasses, and a LV card holder. I sometimes with connect the LV card holder to my keys when I am going to an amusement park, or something like that where no purse is necessary. It is perfect for my license, credit card, and cash if necessary. I love having an alternative option all the time. Sometimes I just don't feel like carry a purse!
Especially when I am in a hurry!

My Kate Spade Sunglasses. I purchased these when I was in Chicago for my birthday with my mom. I absolutely love them! I am actually wearing them in the picture above! They are super cute, and match any outfit!
What kind of sunglasses do you love?

My little notebook of thoughts. I found this notebook at Target a couple weeks ago, and recently I have noticed that so many bloggers are purchasing them and uploading pictures onto instagram! They are adorable and super "Kate Spade" like. Agree? I jot down my little thoughts in this notebook. Little blessings and observations that I see through out the day!
Do you have a little thought notebook?
Or how about this same notebook from Target?

So what's in your bag?

I blog, I tweet, I pin, and I instagram

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I always love these posts and seeing what is hidden in people's purses! No disappointment here! I love that Coach planner!

  2. Love that little notebook! Too cute!