What's in my bag? Featuring Candace from YogaByCandace!

Today is my dear friend Candace. We go wayyy back... (what has it been C? 3 years?) she was the one who read my essay for my admit to my college and she was the one I got my current Marc Jacobs from. She's pretty amaze...and I am obsessed with her dog, Buckles. (Look, there he is!!) Go say hi and wish her a safe trip back to Germany!

Hey friends! I thought the "What's in your bag?" posts would be such a good idea! Here's what's in mine:

I was having a tough time taking pictures of everything in just one photo (maybe I need to take that as a hint that I carry too much!), so I have two pictures to share. The first pic is of the bag itself- I got it last year and I love the smushy leather and big studs. My Siberian husky loves a photo op, and needed to poke his sweet little face in, too. :)

The second picture is a close-up of what's in my bag.
1. A yellow linen lovequotes scarf for bracing the freezing a/c of the grocery store!
2. The iPad for surfing the net.
3. My kindle, tucked safely in its chevron cover (an etsy score!).
4. My zippy wallet- it's 5 years old and still goin' strong!
5. Business cards for tacking onto bulletin boards in random cafes and stores. :)
6. Trusty iPhone for texting and tweeting and instagramming (find me: yogabycandace).
7. Bose ear buds for running and self yoga practice on the beach.
8. Orbit gum and snacks on the go- an apple and raw nuts.
9. Lip gloss- I just throw whatever Sephora samples I get into my bag. This particular gloss is by Make Up Forever.

Thanks for letting me share!!


  1. What an adorable pup!

    You just really don't want to see what's in my purse. Lots of random gum/candy wrappers, receipts, straw wrappers. Not fun stuff like this, lol.

  2. Love your guest star :) what a cutie!