Link-up! What's in your bag!?

Hi everyone! I had such great feedback to my what's in my bag posts done by the great group of girls last week (and this week) I figured I would do a link-up so everyone can get into the action!!! Join in and enjoy rummaging through everyone else's purses!

PS: Go wish my sister, Cassandra, a happy 19th birthday! 

Link-up and share! 


  1. This is such a cute post! I was seriously thinking about doing one of these just the other day! I hope the link up is still open tomorrow because I will definitely be coming back!

  2. I just got WAY too excited to see you have a teasing comb in your bag! I just got my first one the other day after 2 years of trying to create volume with a regular brush. Already in love.

  3. I **love** your blog, so glad I found it through the blog hop!!