Just a typical Tuesday night...PLL spoilers!

When I get into tv shows, I get into tv shows. When The OC (rip) was on, I scheduled my night classes around it. So naturally, I have become obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. Jen and I usually make dinner and watch the show, but tonight I mentioned that the books and the show have been soo confusing that I need to start taking notes.
By the end of the show I had this:

M A Y A K N E W !? AHH.

Then, I decided to look up the website that they looked up in the show: www.massugar.com

It brought be to the Pretty Little Liars webpage, duh. Most webpages that are mentioned in shows bring you to the show's webpage...just like saveolivependergrass or whatever from Easy A brings you to the movie webpage. Rando fact. You're welcome.

Then I watched the 15 Best Boy Bands of all time on E. Did you know that O-Town got back together?! Jen made fun of me of how excited I got about this. 
Their songs are dirrrty. I mean, Liquid Dreams? REALLY?

I waited in line 28 hours for front row tickets. I made my grandma wait in line to hold our spot until school was out. Pretty amazing grandma. She won some sort of radio contest waiting for me and got me radio t-shirts. BA.

But guess who was number one?! Boom. 
Backstreet Boys. Obviously. 

Oh, ps! I am guest posting over at Lipgloss and Crayons tomorrow! Check it out!  


  1. Liquid Dreams is totally dirty... but I still sang it all the time in middle school! I kind of loved O-town. And by kind of I mean I watched the ABC "TGIF" reality show, knew all the songs, all the lyrics, all the fun facts about the guys, etc.

    ...and, um, we're fighting. N*SYNC is totally cooler than BSB.


  2. I never really tried the websites mentioned in shows/movies. weird considering easy A is one of my favorites!! lol also very glad to know that I'm not the only one who will schedule a night around a tv show (grey's anatomy (oft followed by private practice) - its called 2 hour thursdays and no one in the apartment is allowed to talk to me unless its to bring me chocolate, popcorn, or tissues)


  3. New follower here! I totally had to skip the beginning of this post because I missed PLL on Monday and Family Channel On Demand hasn't put up the new episode yet (grrr). I totally forgot about O-Town!! I just watched the Liquid Dreams music video. Awesomeness.

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  4. Thank god you filled me in on that, because I for sure missed it... haha. Love you! x

  5. Hi Luv, I just found your blog and love it!! I just did a post on pretty little liars. Please let me know what you think.

    I will be following! I will make sure I check out your sponsors or adds (if any) to show some luvin!

    Hope your having a beautiful day!!!
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  6. I was totally going to see if they created the website... I'm glad I'm not the only twenty something addicted to Pretty Little Liars!