Best Birth Control Everrrr.

I have two god-daughters. They are the cutest little girls ever and call me their "fairy-godmother." I have never watched both over night, but after this weekend, I have decided that I never want kids...or at least not for a long while. 

Kalea- Age 7

Makenna- Age 4

Sunday night we watched Beethoven and made a large bed/fort on the floor.

....we only got through 30 mins of the movie before Kalea got bored.
This was my favorite movie back when I was her age!
....we settled for OnDemand Powerpuff Girls. 

This is when it got fun.
@3am They got up because they had nightmares. (I suck at making up stories in the early morning...)
@4am They got up thinking that it was "morning" and time for breakfast and cartoons. 
@6am They woke me up to tell me that Makenna wet the couch. 
YEP. Pee all over my couch. I didn't even know how to clean it!!! I had to text my aunt!!

Then that morning we decided to go to the pool because it was hotter than heck outside. That was fun, except Makenna has a listening problem...
She had 4 time-outs that day. 

What did I learn in 24 hours? I am not having kids for a very very long time.

Have you ever had an epiphany like this?


  1. I babysat my niece last weekend for almost 12 hours. I love kids and I want them, butbim still waiting a while. SOOO waiting to take on all of that!

  2. children are exhausting!! just visiting my godson (with his mama and papa) was exhausting!!

  3. This post is hilarious! I'm working as a nanny for the summer... It's pretty exhausting, I know how you feel! It's more of a temporary birth control for me though, I really want kids :)

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  5. It kills me when little kids don't appreciate the GOOD movies from the past! I hope my niece is forced to watch the classics haha

  6. i totally agree kids are definitely the best birth control, i need to bring some around my husband to delay it a little bit more, hehe