If you really knew me...

This post has been going all around the blogsphere, so I figured because of all my new readers (!!!) I would do it too! So here we go.

++ If you really knew me...you would know that I lived in San Francisco for a very brief time for school, before I met my Beardy at a wedding I flew back for.

++ If you really knew me...you would know that all my tattoos have meanings, well most of them. I have birds behind my ear I got because they were cute. (My best friend has the same one in the same spot.)

++ If you really knew me...you would know that the reason I started blogging was because I saw a man in San Francisco begging for money and he had a dog. It broke my heart. I don't have that post anymore though.

++ If you really knew me...you would know that AJ from the Backstreet Boys saved my life...I have never met him, but in a way, he is the reason I am still alive today...and that's all I am saying about that.

++ If you really knew me...you would know that I have a pillow pet named Stilts...and that I have a blanket I sleep with every night.

++ If you really knew me...you would know that I am clinically depressed and I am on meds for it. So, if I am ever on twitter and being a Debby Downer, I promise it will pass.

++ If you really knew me...you would know that I got engaged after 8 months of being with Beardy. Three of those months were spent long distance.

++ If you really knew me...you would know that all I want is to be accepted.

++ If you really knew me...you would know that I sob through the end of Now and Then and fast forward through the death scene of Mufasa on Lion King.

++ If you really knew me...you would know the best day of my life was November 3, 1999. It was the day that I went and saw Backstreet Boys live during their Millennium tour. Kevin pointed at me and whispered something to AJ. My mom and my aunt "raised the roof" and we saw their tour bus drive right next to our car...a close second was the night I was proposed to. :)

++ If you really knew me...you would know I am sick of hearing "when is the big day..." and "how's the wedding planning going?" We have been engaged for 3 1/2 years. It will be probably another 2 or 3. We can't afford a wedding.

++ If you really knew me...you would know I have been in school for 6 almost 7 years, been to 4 schools and 3 states. I still haven't obtained one degree. 

I want to thank all of my newest followers (and old followers) for reading. I never in a million years thought anyone would read this blog.



YouTube Obsession: Sarah from A High Maintenance Wife!

I have recently became obsessed with a new up and coming guru on YouTube. Sarah Taylor is the woman behind A High Maintenance Wife and she is purely fabulous. Her style, makeup and advice is on point.
She tells it like it is and that's why I started watching her. That and she is gorge.

YouTube Related: 
Chanel and Chocolate Cake: What inspired you to make a YouTube channel?
Sarah Taylor:  Honestly?  I'm not 19 and Revlon Colorstay breaks me out.  I've been an active YouTube watcher for probably 2 years now but no one was talking about the products I loved.  There were virtually no tutorials with high-end foundations besides MUFE HD and I don't like that all that much.  So, I realized I have a niche that isn't currently filled and frankly I think people are scared to talk about high-end products because we get eviscerated in the comments for it.  Look, I'm a grown-ass woman who likes nice things and pays for them herself.  People really get upset when you feature high-end things because they can't afford it.  The problem on my end is, there are so many drugstore tutorials and reviews and barely any Chanel.  I love Chanel.  Why is that a bad thing?

CC: Who are your favorite YouTubers?
ST: I really love Kandee Johnson.  She was the first person I ever subscribed to.  I think she's amazingly talented and I have learned so much from her.  The other thing is she gets a lot of flack and I think reading her comments made me kind of prepare for the haters.  I really love Zoella and SprinkleofGlitter.  I'm drawn to personalities.  I like people who can make fun of themselves. People who aren't perfect and don't pretend to be but aren't "fake humble" either.  Does that make sense?

CC: How do you come up with ideas for your channel?
ST: Everywhere.  I think of looks that I want to see, maybe off Pinterest or magazines.  I think of products I'd like to try.  I think of videos I'd want to watch.  I also shamelessly ask my viewers to give me suggestions.  Unfortunately for me, I have a very small channel so I get like, 2 suggestions.  A for effort, though.

her lashes are OOC.
Makeup Related:
CC: What 5 holy grail products that you use?
ST:a- Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation.
  b- Maybelline twin pencils in blonde (brows)
  c- Maybelline Colossal Mascara in Waterproof Glam Black
  d- Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper
  e- lip balm

CC: What is your favorite makeup brand?
ST: I really love Chanel.  I think they make beautiful products and I love that they replace what they take.  So many companies are responsible for deforestation and environmental impact.  Chanel actually has invested in the lavender fields in France and without Chanel, they'd be almost gone.  But, you never hear about that because they never do their charitable press.  I really respect companies that do good but don't promote it.  I think it shows humility.  2nd favorite is probably Urban Decay.  They're really animal-friendly and their pigments are amazing.

CC: Is there a beauty tip that was passed down to you? Or any tips you want to share with us?
ST: Both of my parents emphasized maintenance.  I did pageants and stuff as a kid (I'm Southern, it's normal) so makeup and hairspray and curling irons were always around.  My mom looks like a brown-eyed Doris Day and has always been beautiful so I've looked up to her a lot.  I remember she had this drawer in her vanity that was filled with nothing but lipsticks and lipliners.  To this day, when I think of my mom, I think of a few things and one is the plum lipliner she wears.  And the old-school Estee Lauder lipsticks.  Tresor perfume.  Hot rollers.  My dad is a traditional Southern gentleman and he really appreciates women who take care of themselves.  I never knew being high maintenance was a bad thing until I moved near Philadelphia because where I lived, everyone was done up.  Every Sunday, even if you didn't go to church, you wore a dress out, you had your powder, lipstick and mascara on.  It was always a good thing for me.  I definitely don't think I'm high maintenance in a bad way.  I'm a good person, I help people, I work hard.  I just want to keep myself happy and make my husband proud.  That mentality was definitely passed down to me.  If I ever have kids, I'll pass it down to them.  I realize the older I get, how Southern i really am.  I think I need to move back soon!

Tips for readers:  In all seriousness, you need to love yourself.  Get yourself to where you want to be and then keep getting better.  You'll be an amazing person and you'll attract amazing people. Always be appreciative and grateful. Never keep anything you don't want and someone else can use.  Be selfish with your heart.  Give it only to people who deserve it.  Find something everyday that makes you happy and grateful.  I really think if you're beautiful on the inside, it shows through.  Love something, have a hobby.  Take pride in yourself but never be an asshole.  Challenge those around you to be better too.  They may hate you for a minute and they'll be grateful forever. 

CC: Who is your makeup/fashion inspiration?
ST: Makeup is Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot.  I love that liner and lashes look.  I've worn it since I was 12.  Fashion, I take from everywhere.  I gravitate more towards structural clothing because I'm curvy and boho makes me look pregnant. 

CC: You're stuck on a desert island. What one thing do you need with you?
ST: oh dear god. One thing?  water.

CC: What is a guilty pleasure you have?
ST: Bravo.  I could watch Bethenny and those housewives forever.  My husband HATES them so I watch it when he's not home.

Sarah and her handsome hubs!

CC: I just got done doing What's in my Bag posts, soo name 5 things in your purse right now.
ST: Coach wallet
      a metabolic thermogenic
    a protein bar
  makeup bag

I'm left handed.

I absolutely hate when people wear shoes in the house.  Don't trek god-knows-what into my home!

A poorly made cappuccino actually ruins my day.  I know that sounds stupid, but never underestimate the power of good foam.

I knew I wanted to do makeup when I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time.  I wanted to make women feel as beautiful as Holly Golightly.

I am an underwear snob.  Hanky Pankys or bust.  I also think sexy undies are a requirement when you get married.  Nothing says "I've given up" like granny panties. 

I've been a vegetarian for over half of my life.

I have 6 tattoos with plans for at least 2 more.

My husband and I met and married within 8 months.  When you know, you know. 

Lazy Sundays are law in my household.  My husband gets yelled at whenever he books anything on a Sunday.  I sleep in, I lay around.  Generally, do whatever I want.  When you get up at 430a on weekdays, you'll make it law too.

My furry princess, Adelaide, is my pride and joy.  She goes everywhere with me, gets anything she wants and constantly keeps me happy and smiling.  I think if everyone had something or someone that was their Adelaide, the world would be a better place.

Find Sarah on Twitter // Facebook

Let's get Sarah more followers! She so deserves it. 


Just a typical Tuesday night...PLL spoilers!

When I get into tv shows, I get into tv shows. When The OC (rip) was on, I scheduled my night classes around it. So naturally, I have become obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. Jen and I usually make dinner and watch the show, but tonight I mentioned that the books and the show have been soo confusing that I need to start taking notes.
By the end of the show I had this:

M A Y A K N E W !? AHH.

Then, I decided to look up the website that they looked up in the show: www.massugar.com

It brought be to the Pretty Little Liars webpage, duh. Most webpages that are mentioned in shows bring you to the show's webpage...just like saveolivependergrass or whatever from Easy A brings you to the movie webpage. Rando fact. You're welcome.

Then I watched the 15 Best Boy Bands of all time on E. Did you know that O-Town got back together?! Jen made fun of me of how excited I got about this. 
Their songs are dirrrty. I mean, Liquid Dreams? REALLY?

I waited in line 28 hours for front row tickets. I made my grandma wait in line to hold our spot until school was out. Pretty amazing grandma. She won some sort of radio contest waiting for me and got me radio t-shirts. BA.

But guess who was number one?! Boom. 
Backstreet Boys. Obviously. 

Oh, ps! I am guest posting over at Lipgloss and Crayons tomorrow! Check it out!  


Last post from one of my friends! What's in my bag with Meghan from Shine On!

Meghan was kind enough to write a post for me in the midst of her traveling cross-country and I didn't want to leave her out. You need to go check out her blog and what she's been up to while driving alll the way back to Washington!

Hello, beautiful Chanel & Chocolate Cake readers!
I am so excited to be guest blogging today, and sharing with you...

...what's in my bag!

When Liz told me about this opportunity, I had to jump in! I carry my life in my purse, 
so I'm so excited to dig right in and share it with the world!

First, I'd love to introduce myself.

My name is Meghan, and I blog over at...
Like my title suggests, I'm a twenty-something, coffee-loving, social media-addict living in Seattle, WA! I am a daughter, sister & friend, and a cheerleader for the Seattle Mariners, and my alma mater, Eastern Washington University {Go Eags!}. I am a tad obsessed with Twitter, pinning, instagramming & blogging, so I hope to see you there!

So what's in my bag? 
Let's take a look!

This is my beautifully-worn, and much-loved bag. I bought it from a purse show at a friend's home, and haven't let it out of my sight! It holds EVERYTHING, which is awesome. It also has a fun little rose as an accent, and has molded perfectly to my shoulder.

I'm not sure what it is about my iPhone, but it loses charge so quickly. Remedy? I carry my car charger with me everywhere - especially if I'm riding in someone else's vehicle. This happened to me over the weekend, and it was a game-changer!

My Erin Condren planner is my lifeline. While I haven't given it as much TLC since I've been on vacation, it will be getting lots of love when I finally get back up to WA and resume the job search.

Ibuprofen. 'Nough said!

I carry around extra change for two reasons: a) down in SoCal, metered parking is everywhere, so it's convenient and easy to have spare change lying around. Second reason? It's on my 101 in 1001 list that I will help out a pal and put some change in their expired meter. Believe it or not, I haven't come across an expired meter yet, but I'm fully prepared, if/when I do!

I wear hard contact lenses, so these drops are my savior when I've had my contacts in for a long time, or if I get a piece of dirt, lint, etc. in my eye.

Because I had to take this picture with my camera, I used my battery and charger to represent it. I carry my camera everywhere. As Elliott Erwitt says, “Nothing happens when you sit at home. I always make it a point to carry a camera with me at all times…I just shoot at what interests me at that moment."

Keys! I need a way to get into my car & house!

Wallet. What does my wallet hold? A photo of my family, a couple debit/credit cards, my Starbucks card {although the app rocks, too}, rewards cards & stamps!

Even though I'm a lipgloss/chapstick collector, it takes me FOREVER to go through a tube. I usually will apply it first thing in the day, and then forget to apply it the rest of the day. Oops!

A pen! Never know when you'll want to give out your digits to some cutie!

These sunglasses were actually a gift from one of my Nashville sorority sisters. Well, sort-of. She left them in my car, I discovered them in SoCal, and she told me to keep them. What a doll! They're also the same glasses in my photo above!

It never hurts to carry around some extra bling!

Lastly, you will always find my iPhone in my purse. If I leave home without it, I turn around. It's a sickness - I must have it.

So what's in your bag?
You can link up with Liz below!

Be sure to stop over and say hi!


Link-up! What's in your bag!?

Hi everyone! I had such great feedback to my what's in my bag posts done by the great group of girls last week (and this week) I figured I would do a link-up so everyone can get into the action!!! Join in and enjoy rummaging through everyone else's purses!

PS: Go wish my sister, Cassandra, a happy 19th birthday! 

Link-up and share! 


What's in my bag? Featuring Sara from You.And.Me.Are.We!

This is one of my newest friends, Sara! She wanted to play along, too! Sara is FAB and she is a fellow Wisconsin Blogger (holla!) 

Hey everyone! I'm Sara and I blog over at You.And.Me.Are.We! I am a 20-something newlywed and am enjoying every single moment of it!

You're not here to listen to me go on and on; you're here to see my purse! Without further ado, here's what I lug around with me everywhere I go :)

1) My purse is a Coach, but you wouldn't know it at first glance. In fact, that's kind of what I like about it. It has the Coach quality without screaming that it's from a Coach store. I also love that it's neutral enough to go with just about every outfit I have!

2) I bought this cute yellow polka dotted wallet at Target this spring. I love that it's thin and flat because it discourages me stuffing it full of every receipt I get :)

3) I can't go anywhere without my Post-Its! I write notes all.of.the.time. to remind me about things I need to get done, so I love my Post-its.

4) This perfume is Sexy Little Things from Victoria's Secret. I got it as a Christmas gift and love that it's small enough to fit in my purse if I need to freshen up throughout the day.

5) I have nasty allergies and have a hard time not itching my eyes when I wear contacts. These drops are a life (and mascara!) saver.

6) Ok, how cute is this little pack of gum!? I'm a gum-aholic, so I always have at least one pack of gum in my purse. I love Orbit but have never turned down another kind of gum if my breath is feeling stale - you know what I mean!

7) I found this Revlon Lip Butter {at - where else! - Target} a few months ago and love it so much that I'm going to need to get a new tube soon. I have a color named Berry Smoothie, but my next one's gonna be Peach Parfait!
The yellow ball is Eos Lip Balm in a really yummy lemon flavor. It's a great lip balm for summer since it has some sunscreen in it!

8) One can never have too many bobby pins - just in case!

9) This summer I'm loving Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer sunscreen. It's not greasy at all, which is great! My husband doesn't tan - he goes from pasty white to lobster red - so he also uses this sunscreen when we're out in the sun unexpectedly. 

10) The planners that you find in stores are never exactly what I'm looking for, so I just bought a little notebook and made my own weekly planner. I use it more during the school year, but it's another place for me to jot down notes when I think of things that need to get done!

11) Yeah, don't be a hater - I don't have a cool phone. We're due to get new phones but we've been too lazy to go and renew our contract & pick out new phones. Until then, enjoy my 3 year old pseudo-Blackberry!

12) I keep two pairs of sunglasses in my purse because I often put one down and can't remember if I left it in the car or on my dresser. Plus, it's nice to have a dark pair and a gold pair so I can match the glasses to the a) outfit or b) type of activity I'll be doing while wearing them.

You really can tell a lot about a woman from her purse, can't you?

Stop by and say hi - I'm looking forward to seeing you over at You.And.Me.Are.We!

Thanks for being such a great hostess, Liz! It's been a pleasure.


What's in my bag? Featuring Aubrey from The Kinch Life!

I have a few gals left to show you what they keep in their purses. I really thank everyone who has posted the past week, I have been so busy and have had suchhh a blog block! 
Next up is Aubrey- this gal is probably one of my best friends in the blogsphere. She (and her little family) rawk!

to all you Chanel & Chocolate Cake readers!
I'm so thankful Liz has me here today; she's one of my best bloggy friends and I'm so blessed she's come into my life. When she asked about the "What's in your bag?" series I was super excited to get in on the action.

So sit back, take notes and get ready to head to Target if you're like me and keep a bag full of goodies!



1// cosmetic bag full of make-up & the basic first aid needs
2// sunglasses-- mine are cheapO from Rocky Point
3// house, work & mail key-- wristlet [etsy]
4// hi, i'm aubrey & have a chapstick obsession
5// nature valley bars-- sweet & salty; best snack EVER
6// kindle-- won't go anywhere without it [cover from amazon.com]
7// wallet-- clearance @ Target summer 2012
8// bobby pins & hair ties; a necessity, obvi
10// a must with midday workouts


Bag from Buckle-- Fall 2009
*not pictured with full credit:
Erin Condren Life Planner-- read about my journey with that, HERE.


& my Brutus just wanted to say hello.
He helped with staging my sweet purse, pictures...
actually, he just smothered me with kisses while I attempted to make these pictures "blog worthy".
Guess that's his way of saying "LOVE ME MOM!"

Thanks again for letting me get involved Liz!


What's in my bag? Featuring Jessica aka HugKiss!

So, guys. Story time. You all know my love for Cocktails with Patrick on Cosmo Radio. Well, there's a couple of the girls that call in/facebook/twitter daily to Cosmo Radio and they are known pretty well in the XM world. Jessica is one of those gals. She is SO funny and seriously you need to follow her. We share a love of cheesy Lifetime movies and being silly on twitter.

Hey what's up? My name is Jessica, how you doin'? So what's in my bag? A lot of junk, at least that's what my husband says. Some of my things are weather related because that's just how it is when you live in a place like West Texas. I have to be prepared for tornadoes, wind burn and um, hotness. My bag is made by xoxo, which is kind of my thing. My wallet is the same brand and I've had it for 7 years, and it shows. Don't hate. I got them both at Ross and they cost less than $20 because that's just the kind of girl I am bros.

1. My favorite thing in my bag that I can't live without is my iPhone, duh. If you don't have one of these I will most likely look at you sideways as if you are a betamax or some other kind of outdated technology. No offense, I am brain washed by apple, just take it! My iPhone is dressed in a luxurious hot pink and white case made by the good folks of Otterbox. This is a necessity for me as I can't hold anything in my hands for longer than 3 seconds without dropping it. If you were to call me "butterfingers" I would not be offended.

2. My aviator sunglasses that my mom bought me for my birthday last year at JC Penney. JC Penney is the jam I don't care what you say. Unfortunately I don't know the brand name and it has worn off but she definitely got me these along with another pair at a 2 for $20 sale. HOLLER.  My sunglasses are carried around in my bag protected by this blingy case brought to you by my dear friend Lauren (@dumblonde9183 on twitter) it was also a gift for my birthday and quite timely.

3. Tahiti Sweetie by Bath and Bodyworks is one of my all time favorite smells for summer. My hands get so dry in this climate and this stuff softens them in a hot minute. The smell is coconutty and fresh, kind of like suntan lotion. I have no fewer than 2 bottles of this around at all times. I keep one bottle in my purse and at least one more under my bathroom sink.

4. Refresh liquigel eye drops are a necessity where I live. It's windy, it's hot, it dusty. Think about a sand pit with a blow dryer blowing dirt in your face, that's what I'm dealing with.

5. Hair accessories are a must. I wear my hair down sometimes but if it gets windy/tangley/unmanageable a side braid is only one hair tie and maybe a bobby pin or two away. I keep these in my make up bag at all times as every girl should I think.

6. Hope daily facial moisturizer by philosophy is the best daily moisturizer I've tried to date. Just for an everyday non-greasy moisturizer it is awesome sauce and I mean that. I don't wear make up every day (SHOCKING!) but I do have to be moisturized to keep the wind from chapping and reddening my beautiful complexion.

7. Revlon Lip Butter in pretty pink color Sweet Tart is a daily necessity for me. For some reason, I always think of pink lips during the Spring and Summer and this color has been a staple for me all summer long.

8. Burt's Bees Lip Balm is the same lip balm I've used for years and years. It's cool, it's minty, it's just the best if your lips get dry. My husband keeps one in his pocket, I have at least 2 in my bag but this is the only one with the label still attached, you're welcome. Sometimes I have a nervous habit of reapplying lip balm a million times. You're really getting to know me now.

9. Orbit, because face it, I have a dirty mouth. Not really but I do love a good chew daily. This flavor is Fabulous Frutini and it helps with my sugar cravings in the afternoon. You're welcome for that little tip.

10. Poppy by Coach roller ball gives me a little boost of smell good that I need sometimes. If I just want to pick up my mood or if I'm making a quick trip to the grocery store and suspect the cute produce guy might be working, I'll roll that bad boy on my wrist. It's a light flowery girly wonderful scent that pleases me very much.

11. My keys! Duh. Sometimes I try to use my work keys to open the door to my house and vice versa, everyone does that though right? RIGHT!? Well luckily I have a keychain with my name on it so at least I know that much. Also there's a gym membership card there that hasn't been used since 2011.

12.  A Tide To Go pen because no one needs one of these in their reach at all times more than me.


What's in my bag? Featuring Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup!

Sick of these posts yet?! Nope. Me either. Neely is so hillar! I hope you enjoy!

Oh hey there!
I'm Neely and I blog over at A Complete Waste of Makeup. I am so happy to be guest posting for sweet Elizabeth today! I just love her blog and she is so fun to tweet with :)
A little about me: I live in Dallas, huge lover of Starbucks, Wine, Peanut Butter, Working out, movie quotes, reality TV, social media, Lululemon, Tory Burch, T-shirts, Jcrew, Anthropologie, Pumpkin Spice, Fall, Makeup, and Obviously Handbags!
Feel free to find me on:
Today I am showing you what you on any given day will find in my bag :)
So that's whats in my bag!
Come visit my blog, I'd love to "meet" you :)
What's in YOUR bag?


What's in my bag? Featuring Crystal from Coffee at Nordstorm!

Crystal just got married and flew off to Bora Bora and I was cut off from all types of communication with me. I died a little each day for ten days. She is adorbs and I kind of want her purse...and sunglasses.....

Hey ladies! I am Crystal! 
I blog over at Coffee at Nordstrom. 

I blog about my everyday life as a med-school wife, with a Starbucks coffee in one hand and a Nordstrom bag in the other hand! I was so excited when Liz had asked me to partake in her "What's in my bag?" series! How fun is that! My purse is no Mary Poppin's bag, but I do have some wonderful things to share!
 Women tend to put a lot (and I do mean.. A LOT) of things in their bag, and most of it is completely useless. For a long time, I couldn't wear big bags, because I never thought I could fill it. But, for a while now, I've learned that, that is not the case. I carry way too many things with me.  
Do you feel the same way?

I carry a Louis Vuitton Hampstead PM. I received it from my parents. My iPad is a lot lighter than my laptop, so I usual carry that with me as well.  I also try to always keep my agenda with me, I write all my appointments, parties, and other important things such as blog post ideas, or meetings for my new job. Of course, a pen is a usual carry-on. Next thing, my Kate Spade glasses, that I just throw in my bag to go with me everywhere. Some hand cream, I use it each time after washing hands so it keeps my hands moisturized at all time in this Arizona heat. Finally my LV wallet and iPhone, basic essential.

Let's start with my purse.
I carry a Louis Vuitton Hampstead PM . I absolutely love it! It is the perfect size! It looks a lot smaller in the picture than what it really is in real life. I know in the picture above it shows my iPad. My iPad doesn't fit in it, but it is normally with me, so I felt like adding it in!
What kind of bag do you carry?

Next is my iPad. I absolutely love my iPad. I received it this past Christmas. I use it all the time! It is so much easier to carry the iPad with me everywhere instead of lugging my computer around everywhere with me. My case is the Burberry Haymarket Check.
Where did you get your iPad case? What's your favorite app?

You may have noticed my iPhone was sitting on top of a smaller clutch. I bought that at the last year at the Nordstrom, and have never seen another clutch like it. It is a small Burberry Haymarket Check iPhone holder. It also has a few slots for cash or credit cards. It is perfect for times when I don't feel like carrying my purse with me into the post office or the grocery store. 
Here is one similar, but not identical.
What kind of iPhone case do you have?

I have had the LV Sarah wallet for almost 2 years now. It's the best wallet. I used to change my wallet all the time, but since this purchase, I haven't changed at all! Its a great size. Not too big and not too small!
What's your favorite wallet?

This is just a regular Coach Planner (similar). Nothing special at all! It does the job. I know what you are thinking about my planner." You don't have the EC Life Planner!" I always look to see if other bloggers are using their EC planner, and unfortunately I have had to change to a more sophisticated planner for my big girl job! I absolutely LOVE my EC Life Planner, and I most certainly still use it every single day. but not for work. I use it for blogging and different fun things like that.
What kind of planner do you use?

My car keys, EOS lip balm, lotion, Kate Spade sunglasses, and a LV card holder. I sometimes with connect the LV card holder to my keys when I am going to an amusement park, or something like that where no purse is necessary. It is perfect for my license, credit card, and cash if necessary. I love having an alternative option all the time. Sometimes I just don't feel like carry a purse!
Especially when I am in a hurry!

My Kate Spade Sunglasses. I purchased these when I was in Chicago for my birthday with my mom. I absolutely love them! I am actually wearing them in the picture above! They are super cute, and match any outfit!
What kind of sunglasses do you love?

My little notebook of thoughts. I found this notebook at Target a couple weeks ago, and recently I have noticed that so many bloggers are purchasing them and uploading pictures onto instagram! They are adorable and super "Kate Spade" like. Agree? I jot down my little thoughts in this notebook. Little blessings and observations that I see through out the day!
Do you have a little thought notebook?
Or how about this same notebook from Target?

So what's in your bag?

I blog, I tweet, I pin, and I instagram

Have a wonderful day!