Take me out to the Ballgame...

 (It is 91 and it's 10:30PM out....ew) 

Wisconsin is know for having soupy summers that have heat indices in the 100's and today was one of those days. Well, today was also a game day for our local league baseball team. I didn't get a baseball from a player this time (anyone want to hear the story??) but we did get to have amazing ballpark food..

I thought my purple sundress was a good idea. Nope. I melted, it wasn't pretty. (Hawtmess.) My hair also went up .03 seconds after we arrived. POOFBALL. 

This helped a little. Best beer of the summa. 


We started getting a little bored. The game was 3-4 in the 7th inning and NOTHING was happening. (That I understood...) 

TG for great seats with a railing for easy feet access. 


Oh, btw, we won in the last inning, literally last seconds of the game. 


What is your favorite part of the summer?


Birchbox [brag] June 2012

I bet you all know what Birchbox is but if you don't here's a rundown:
 Birchbox is a monthly service where you get 4-6 samples (some are full size) ranging from beauty to lifestyle products.

Like last month, I will be adding up the value of BB again, because I like to see how much it actually costs... 

I am on a spending freeze right now so this is my only thing I have been spending money on :]

1. Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Old Gold value $15.00---FULL SIZEE!
2. Likewise Facial Moisturizer + Sun Protectant SPF 50 Normal to Oily value $4.40
3. theBalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen value $2.27
4.Tili Bag value $.71
5. John Varvatos Star USA value $.01 
6.Comodynes Self Tanning Intensive value $3.74

 Total: $26.13

 Everyone has been a little bit worried about using those tanning towels, but I am excited! I stopped tanning recently and need to find something that is fake that makes me look hottt. 

theBalm Stainiac is also awesome. The pigmentation is perf. The Fat Eye Stick is a full size product and will work well as a base, I think. Esp with my Naked 1 palette.

Close ups of the applicators

What did you get in your box? Have I convinced you yet to try it out?
I am pretty jealous of all of you that got the Cynthia Rowley Bandaids! 


AJ sighting! (On TV. Not IRL, I WISH!)

I randomly turned on Bravo to find that Kathy Griffin was interviewing Lance Bass and my lovahhh, AJ McLean. (Random right?!)

It literally made my night for these reasons:

AJ sang All I Have to Give, 10,000 Promises, I Want it That Way and Sunday Afternoon.
He talked about his mom.
Made sure that the Henne that Kathy's mom was "drinking" backstage stayed farrrr away from him.
He got up and did the "Bye, Bye, Bye" dance with Lance-y Poo.

I could marry that man. But we are both married/engaged. Phooey.


We have a JUMPER!

You all know Ozzy. If you don't here's the catch up: he's our kitten, got him on Christmas, used to be named Onyx...could never remember that name, named after Ozzy Osborne, does everything our oldest Warhol does. 

Let me set the scene: I wake up on my only day off this week to a loud crash. I go to investigate and find what made the crashing sound. I found Mr. Ozzy on the ledge of our bedroom window. He now can jump onto things. 

Every time I hear a loud crash I just assume that Ozzy is in the windowsill somewhere. He's not that graceful. 

Exhibit A:
So now every night since then he will jump onto my dresser and take my hair ties, knock over my Marc Jacobs picture and all my perfumes and take my flower hair accessories.

This may be one of the most annoying things everrrr.
and when I don't get a full night sleep I get cranky. 

Thanks, OZ. Jerk. 

OH PS!! I am guest posting for my dear friend Crystal today over at her blog! 
Check it out here




  • You have to Facetime with you friends because coffee at the coffee shop is not an option.
  • The people in your phone are under the names "Melissary, AubreyKinchLife, c_rexroad..." 
  • Your hubs knows that 99% of the iPhone pics snapped end up on Instagram, Twitter or your blog. As do your family members. 
  • You are patiently waiting to buy an Erin Condren planner because everyone else has one. 
  • No one around you reads the 50 Shades of Grey books and only your blog friends understand the amazing chemistry between Ana and Christian.
  •  You no longer feel bad for spending over $100.00 in Target when you actually went in for face wash. 
  • You know when to stay off Twitter because all that will be tweeted about is spoilers from PLL. 
  • You share the common bond of loving Carrie Underwood and cannot believe her legs look that fab. 
  • Before you start eating you take a picture of your food to Instagram it/Tweet it. 
  • You would rather stay in on a Saturday night than go out. Your blog friends are all online to keep you company. 
  • You start a story "You know my friend Aubrey....." and no one knows who Aubrey is.


Things I wish I could do:

1. Have a top knot. (hairz too short)

2. Line Dance.

3. Fake a British Accent.
4. Put makeup on without a mirror. (I know, I know)

 5. Do a cartwheel.



{hashtag}Sorry I'm not Sorry.

...that I don't like the new season of the Bachelorette.

...that I hate the band Fun. 
...that I love the 50 Shades books. 
...and I don't picture them as "Twilight fan fiction" 
...that I get jealous of my friends engagement rings.

...that I wish I was a blogger for my job. 

...that I am very excited about the new season of Pretty Little Liars.  


...that I could spend all day watching real crime dramas.

...that I judge books by their covers. 


Surprise! A Shades of Grey post.

Seriously. Obsessed.  I know, I know. Blah blah blah, the grammar is awful. Blah blah blah, its like mommy porn. Blah blah blah. Don't judge me. I rarely get into the craze of books, so this is a first for me. But I love the Christian Grey - the complexity of how eff'ed he is and the vulnerability of the character has gotten me to read (and almost finish) the second book in less than three days. 

So who do I want to play Christian? 

Duh. Matt Bomer. 

Seriously. Um, hello Neil Caffery. Or should I say for all you Guiding Light fans out there Ben Reade!! Does anyone else remember when Ben kidnapped Shayne and Marina!? I was a little obsessed during the early 2000s with Guiding Light. I TAPED it everyday.

Annnnyways. On to Ana Steele. 
Then after thinking about it for a while, I wanted an actress that wasn't well known really for Ana. I finally settled on Elizabeth Olsen. Mary-Kate and Ashley's lil' sis!
She was in like, three of the MK and A movies from back in the day.  (I can still sing all the words to the Sleepover video they had.)

Shut up. 
I know (most) of you don't care.