Friday's Letters on a Saturday

I will be linking up to Friday's Letters, since recently I have been loving the 'open letter' approach. Holla!

Dear Ozzy, You sleep in the weirdest positions. Are you actually comfy with your face smooshed against the couch?

Dear Joshie, Do you realize its been like, 2 years since this pic was taken? You are the best bruffer ever. :)

Dear Pandora, Thank you for playing B.Spears this morning to get me up and singing. 6AM on a Saturday is awful.

Dear AJ, this pic made my life. That's all.

Dear Miley, I am stealing your hair color. Kthx.

Dear Grandma, You had killer style and I miss you. xoxo

Dear Marg, Get in my belly!

I hope you have a faboosh weekend everyone and starting MONDAY (!!!) I will be done with the semester and will have time to actually BLOG! (Gasp!)


  1. I love this post!! "Dear, Marg- get in my belly!" <--fav! I want one so bad right now!

  2. Happy Almost-End-Of-Finals! Love this and can't wait to see what you blog about once you've got the time :)