My uncle took over my grandfather's house a few years ago. He wanted to make a hobby farm. So, he did.

Yesterday, a baby red sheep was born. I guess red sheep are rare? How adorbs is she?! Her name is Angel (because of her white halo on top of her head) 

There was also twin boys born the week before. 

We found a nest of robin's eggs, where apparently the mom dive bombs when you go past them. 

My aunt and her daughter are super crafty and this was the spread on the table for drinks and cake. 

Then my cousin decided to walk around the farm house and look at all the graffiti that we kids did on the walls at one time in our life. 

and I found one I did for the batch of kittens that died in 2000. 

There was also ones that said "Lone Wolf, BMM (no idea) and my cousin's D+J graffiti. 

All the nostalgic things had me missing my childhood, but I am so happy the farm stayed in the family.



  1. How awesome! Those Robin eggs are beautiful.

  2. OMG. I'm dying over that farm house. Like, that is a house I dream of having on a tiny little farm some day. So pretty. I think Angel might be the cutest little sheep ever! I had pet sheep for quite a few years and NEVER have seen a red one in person, so I'm extremely jealous. Family farms for the win. :)

  3. Can I come live here??
    I mean, really?!
    It's like heaven; I kept telling hubs when I was MIA with my funk that we just needed to move to the country and get lost in life and enjoy every minute of it-- he didn't buy it.

    I'm jealous.