Are you "Twitter famous?"

Today, while watching the eclipse Keeping Up With The Kardash's, I was thinking about all of the celebs that have retweeted me, talked to me or answered my questions that I have asked (except BSB ahem...) and it was actually a few! 

Celebs that follow me: 

Remember Rachel from Boy Meets World? The fiery tall roommate of Jack and Eric's?

Yep. Her. Well to my surprise after tweeting her one day, she started following ME! She is the most down to earth people I have ever met. 

Have you heard of the country band, Emerson Drive? 

They had a few hits here and there... but I used to be obsessed with them. After I tweeted them about seeing them in concert, they started following me too! I totally forgot they followed me. 

Celebs who tweeted me: 

Kourtney Kardashian. Melissary, brace yourself! I was watching KUWTK two years ago and tweeted randomly to Kourt asking about her darling baby Mason....and well, she answered me. Kind of fan-girled about this. (This was before my name change.)

Whitney Thompson from America's Next Top Model. I love this girl. She is such a good role model for plus sized girls and is a great biz woman. I tweeted her after Lady Gaga wore the meat dress. My friend Dwayne took a screen shot because he was THAT excited. 

And lastly, Mr. Blake Shelton...the drunkass himself. He is kind of a jerk on twitter and sometimes I would tweet him just to see if he tweeted back. (Pretty sure my sister and him got into a fight on twitter once...) 

Now only if I can get BSB or AJ to tweet at me.

One day...maybe after I get my BSB tattoo? 


I kid, I kid. 


  1. Now I'm even more jealous. Blake <3<3<3 AND KOURT, my favorite. SO JEALOUSSSSSSSSS.

    Megan Park & Tyler Hilton (aka: cutest couple ever) have both spoken to me...... probably because I stalk Tyler. But whatever ;)


  2. OMG, Blake tweeted you?! Awesome!! Let's see...I've been tweeted by Target, Kasey from the Bachelor...I feel like maybe two or three others? Hmm...

    Keep Shining,

  3. I'm so jealous! I'm going to make it my goal to have someone famous tweet me!

  4. omg im so scared to even tweet blake shelton he is so sassy! that's impressive!