25 before 25--totally failed...kind of.

I kind of have failed most of these....this year has been really crazy....I probably did more but forgot to document them.
Here's to 25 and not making a list like this for 26!

1. Go to the gym at least three times a week.
2. Make a new recipe once a week. (15/52) (I have failed at this!)
3. Paint (3) pictures on canvas. (0/3)
4. Get a spice cabinet. Add spices.
5. Write (5) letters and mail them. (0/5)
6. Read (10) books. PLL doesn't count. ;) (3/10)
6/1 Something Borrowed
6/5 Something Blue
4/1 Hunger Games
7. Make (2) new friends. (2/2)
8. Lose (50) pounds. (30/50)
9. Meet (4) blogging friends IRL. (0/4)
10. Host a party at my house.
11. Grow veggies. (tried, they died.)-----> Layla said yes, I did do this, my plants just didn't live!!
12. Donate clothing to Goodwill.
13. Blog everyday for a month.
14. Read the Twilight series...okay maybe not, but I will try. (0/4) FAIL.
15. Find (20) more Babysitter Club Books. (15/20)
16.Watch all Best Picture Movies Prior to the Oscars in 2012. Considering that's THIS Sunday, this won't happen.
17. Get (3) massages. (0/3) (I have to schedule one, I have a gift card!)
18. Buy something for myself....kind of yeah. 
19. Leave (25) post-its with inspiring messages in (25) places. (1/25)
20. Unplug for (1) weekend.
21. Find (5) new blogs to read. (5/5)
22. Go see (3) movies at the drive-in. (0/3)
23. Buy a Marc Jacobs wallet.
24. Get my passport.
25. See at least (3) concerts/plays. (0/3)


  1. I hate making lists like these, because I never finish them! You could always carry these things over into one of those 100 in 1001 lists though? More time to complete whatever you want to.

  2. Um, you totally nailed #11 because the goal was to grow veggies, not grow veggies and keep them alive! You couldn't help it if they lost the will to live. I'm calling #11 DONE. :D

  3. Love the list! I want to do one for Summer!