Lessons Learned From The OC (volume uno)

The OC was my go to show during my teen years. I literally planned my life around Thursday nights. Driving back from Florida, I insisted my mom stop in a podunk town in Georgia so I could catch The OC. Consquently, that was the best hotel we ever stayed at and had the whole outdoor pool to ourselves that night. On my 17th birthday I made sure my dinner was cut short so I could go watch the Season 3 finale...where Marissa died. 

Lesson 1: To get the girl, you need to stand on a coffee stand and proclaim your love to her.

Lesson 2: Date guys that are taller than you (ahem, Marissa...)
Lesson 3: Never bring a gun to a party, you will get shot.
Lesson 4: Christmukkah is a word and a holiday.

Lesson 5:  Trucker hats were never really in.

Did you ever watch The OC?


May Gossip Girl Birchbox

 I am going to do something new this time with BB. I will be adding up all my samples this month. If you don't know what Birchbox is, it is a monthly service where you get 4-6 samples (some are full size) ranging from beauty to lifestyle products. 

  1.  Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25+ value $1.92
  2. Color Club® Foil Collection value $2.00
  3. Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm value $9.28
  4. Ojon volume advance™ Volumizing Shampoo value $1.36
  5. Bonus item: XOXO notecard and hot pink envelope value $.83
 Total: $15.39

I was very excited to try the BB Cream, but all together I wasn't that impressed. I guess because of the Teen Vogue box a few months ago, I thought I was going to get full size products. I also thought they were very inconsistent with the number of products in the box. I got 4 samples and a bonus and some people got 6 samples (one being full sized.)
Lots of people were getting rid of their box this month, but I don't give up that quickly. I love BB and always will. I know Glossybox, Beauty Army and all those other sub boxes are coming out, but Birchbox still is my number one. I don't have $21.00 to shell out every month for basically the same thing that BB offers. 

What did you get in your box? Have you given up on Birchbox or do you still love them? 



Influenced by Influenster

On Twitter one day my dear friend Melissa was talking about this Influenster Box she was receiving! I am a sucker of anything in boxes that you receive in the mail so I asked her what it was about. Influenster is a company where you sign up and get badges for what you are like (blogger, cat lover...) then they decide if you are one of the lucky people who receive a box. (This box was sent for free, just like all the boxes Influenster sends out.) I was so excited about getting my box this month AND it was the Beauty Vox Box! 

This is everything that was in the box: 

1. Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Frock Star (glittery!) - I have tried this in a different color and LOVE this concept. I hate having to wait for nail polish to dry...I am not a patient person. So yay! And it's a great color. 

2. Sheer Cover Duo Concealer - This was in a Glam Bag a couple months back, so I am excited that I get to try this out...conveniently I ran out of concealer on Monday!

3. SOYJOY Bar - I have never tried these before, so I was excited to have a snack this afternoon. After trying it, I was reminded of Fig Newtons. It was okay. The jury is still out. 

4. ChapStick LipSHIELD 365 - I just opened up this baby and tried it out. I am pleasantly surprised. It tastes like Lemon Pie. Very moisturizing. AND it's SPF 50+. Which I recently have taken more cautious to....

5. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash - This is lightly fragranced and hypoallergenic. So far I love it. 

6. Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions - Sadly, I don't wear heels.. so I probably won't get any wear out of these. My sister may get a pressy...cause she is the heel wearer. She doesn't care if shes 203920392 inches tall.

7. LASTLY!!! I eeped when I saw what this was. A FULL SIZE Bath and Body Works fine fragrance mist in Moonlit Path. This retails for $14.00 and smells heavenly. My mom was with when I got the box and saw this. She immediately wanted it...so I might have to share. 

This was a great box and a great birthday week surprise. I am so glad Influenster chose me for this box and hopefully you all go check it out and see what the fuss is about! 


Are you "Twitter famous?"

Today, while watching the eclipse Keeping Up With The Kardash's, I was thinking about all of the celebs that have retweeted me, talked to me or answered my questions that I have asked (except BSB ahem...) and it was actually a few! 

Celebs that follow me: 

Remember Rachel from Boy Meets World? The fiery tall roommate of Jack and Eric's?

Yep. Her. Well to my surprise after tweeting her one day, she started following ME! She is the most down to earth people I have ever met. 

Have you heard of the country band, Emerson Drive? 

They had a few hits here and there... but I used to be obsessed with them. After I tweeted them about seeing them in concert, they started following me too! I totally forgot they followed me. 

Celebs who tweeted me: 

Kourtney Kardashian. Melissary, brace yourself! I was watching KUWTK two years ago and tweeted randomly to Kourt asking about her darling baby Mason....and well, she answered me. Kind of fan-girled about this. (This was before my name change.)

Whitney Thompson from America's Next Top Model. I love this girl. She is such a good role model for plus sized girls and is a great biz woman. I tweeted her after Lady Gaga wore the meat dress. My friend Dwayne took a screen shot because he was THAT excited. 

And lastly, Mr. Blake Shelton...the drunkass himself. He is kind of a jerk on twitter and sometimes I would tweet him just to see if he tweeted back. (Pretty sure my sister and him got into a fight on twitter once...) 

Now only if I can get BSB or AJ to tweet at me.

One day...maybe after I get my BSB tattoo? 


I kid, I kid. 

Milez 'no pants' Cyrus

Milez, I love you but where are your pantz?! Giiiiirl. I hope I don't find pics of you flashing dem paparazzis today. Your hairz cute though!


A quarter of a century old.


Today is my 25th birthday. Honestly, I have been dreading it. I am a quarter of a Century today! ahhh. IONO its not that bad!

I just want to say that YOU ALL (yes you.) make my life just great. I am so lucky to have this blog and all my interwebz fam. Thank you. 

I will smile all day while I get texts/tweets/emails/fb messages from you. Here's to 75 more years (OR MORE! BOOM.) 


25 before 25--totally failed...kind of.

I kind of have failed most of these....this year has been really crazy....I probably did more but forgot to document them.
Here's to 25 and not making a list like this for 26!

1. Go to the gym at least three times a week.
2. Make a new recipe once a week. (15/52) (I have failed at this!)
3. Paint (3) pictures on canvas. (0/3)
4. Get a spice cabinet. Add spices.
5. Write (5) letters and mail them. (0/5)
6. Read (10) books. PLL doesn't count. ;) (3/10)
6/1 Something Borrowed
6/5 Something Blue
4/1 Hunger Games
7. Make (2) new friends. (2/2)
8. Lose (50) pounds. (30/50)
9. Meet (4) blogging friends IRL. (0/4)
10. Host a party at my house.
11. Grow veggies. (tried, they died.)-----> Layla said yes, I did do this, my plants just didn't live!!
12. Donate clothing to Goodwill.
13. Blog everyday for a month.
14. Read the Twilight series...okay maybe not, but I will try. (0/4) FAIL.
15. Find (20) more Babysitter Club Books. (15/20)
16.Watch all Best Picture Movies Prior to the Oscars in 2012. Considering that's THIS Sunday, this won't happen.
17. Get (3) massages. (0/3) (I have to schedule one, I have a gift card!)
18. Buy something for myself....kind of yeah. 
19. Leave (25) post-its with inspiring messages in (25) places. (1/25)
20. Unplug for (1) weekend.
21. Find (5) new blogs to read. (5/5)
22. Go see (3) movies at the drive-in. (0/3)
23. Buy a Marc Jacobs wallet.
24. Get my passport.
25. See at least (3) concerts/plays. (0/3)


25 things for me turning 25.... ahh.

cooking in sf.
I turn 25 on Friday and am kind of freaking out about it. For my new blog members, I thought I would do a new 25 things about me.

1. I am deathly afraid of birds. One time, a duck dive bombed me and a friend while we were trying to be nice and feed them bread.

2. I watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch episodes before bed and I wish I had magical powers.

3. I online shop all the time, put everything in a cart and then turn off my computer. I never buy things.

4. I don't like mismatched nail polish.

5. When I order anything that is in the form of a sandwich, I always order extra extra pickles.

6. I used to have a band sleep at my house when they came into town. I even went on tour with them.

7. I love Miley Cyrus. *don't throw things at me*

8. A guy gave me his number on a baseball once. If you want to hear the story, tell me.

9. I worked in a Wetseal for 2 years. I vowed never to have a mall job again. Sadly, we are now getting a Sephora in the mall.

10. Slasher movies are the best especially the ones from 1990-2005.

11. I always have to join the bandwagon: Instagram, Naked 1 & 2, Hunger Games and now 50 Shades of Grey....I am trying to justify why I need a Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC bag.

12. I didn't see Forrest Gump until I was 22 even though my favorite place to eat is Bubba Gump's!!

13. If I could, I would adopt all the cats in the world.

14. My dream is to work at Cosmo magazine.

15. I collect Babysitter Club Books.

16. I used to collect guitar picks from the bands I saw...which was 3xs a week in High School.

17. I wish I would have waited to go to college until I was 19. Even though my first year was so much fun (and I learned a lot) I think I would be done with school by now.

18. I hate the Office.

19. If I could, I wouldn't wear makeup...ever.

20. San Francisco stole my heart, even though I lived there for a very short time.

21. I prefer salty things over sweet things.

22. I love Bloody Mary's. With a lot of fixin's!

23. I am fascinated by aliens and things like aliens...I love that History show "Ancient Aliens."

24. I also enjoy crime shows that are real, like Investigation Discovery and 48 Hours Mystery.

25. I like to pretend that I am Anna from The OC. Remember her?



My uncle took over my grandfather's house a few years ago. He wanted to make a hobby farm. So, he did.

Yesterday, a baby red sheep was born. I guess red sheep are rare? How adorbs is she?! Her name is Angel (because of her white halo on top of her head) 

There was also twin boys born the week before. 

We found a nest of robin's eggs, where apparently the mom dive bombs when you go past them. 

My aunt and her daughter are super crafty and this was the spread on the table for drinks and cake. 

Then my cousin decided to walk around the farm house and look at all the graffiti that we kids did on the walls at one time in our life. 

and I found one I did for the batch of kittens that died in 2000. 

There was also ones that said "Lone Wolf, BMM (no idea) and my cousin's D+J graffiti. 

All the nostalgic things had me missing my childhood, but I am so happy the farm stayed in the family.



But...but... I used to be a crazy boy band fan!

Back in the day, I was obsessed with the Backstreet Boys. Obsessed. I recorded every single BSB thing on VHS tapes (yep, I am that old...) a whole summer I wrote every BSB member's name on my hand... I cried every time a fan would meet them and it wasn't me...

Fast forward to 2012. I still follow the band on twitter and lately they have been tweeting that they will follow some fans if you hash tag things...

So, I have been. But I have realized something....the people that they follow are the people with @briansGuRL, @Backstreet4EVER or @BSBblahblah in their name...this hurts my feelings. I am now almost 25 years old and still fan-girl to "I Want It That Way" when it comes on 90s on 9 but I won't go as far as putting BSB in my twitter handle. I am not that crazy fan I was in 1999. 

So does that mean that I will never get the Backstreet Boys to follow me? Or most importantly, AJ?



Fact: I couldn't think of a witty title.

Fact: I did sob like a baby while watching "Hannah Montana, The Movie" tonight.

Fact: I haven't washed my hair in two days.

Fact: I may have copied my hair like Miley Cyrus. What? I like her stylez.

Fact: Adam Brody is in Jennifer's Body. In eyeliner....how did I not see this movie? Seth Cohen and eyeliner. Enough said.

Fact: I am obsessed with Teen Slasher movies. Jennifer's Body may be a new obsesh.
Megan Fox is kind of weird looking.

Fact: Warhol is a librarian in a past life.

That's all.


April Birchbox Unboxing!!

(please excuse the iPhone pic!)
BENTA BERRY G-1 Facial Cleanser - $16.00 for 30ml
Le Palais des Thes Tea Bags - Thé des Alizés -$12.50 for a box
Alima Pure™ Organic Nourishing Lip Balm-Rhubarb (full size!!!!) $7.00
willa™ Clear Face Moisturizer -1 oz its $11.50 (lovelovelove the packaging!)
Wonderstruck Taylor Swift - 1.7 oz for $49.50

Oooh. I love my BB. I haven't tried any of the products yet, but I way excited to try out Willa and Benta Berry!

It's already May so we should be getting our Gossip Girl Birchboxes soon! Ahhhh! Wayy excited about that. Wonder if they stuck Chuck's number in those boxes.


Friday's Letters on a Saturday

I will be linking up to Friday's Letters, since recently I have been loving the 'open letter' approach. Holla!

Dear Ozzy, You sleep in the weirdest positions. Are you actually comfy with your face smooshed against the couch?

Dear Joshie, Do you realize its been like, 2 years since this pic was taken? You are the best bruffer ever. :)

Dear Pandora, Thank you for playing B.Spears this morning to get me up and singing. 6AM on a Saturday is awful.

Dear AJ, this pic made my life. That's all.

Dear Miley, I am stealing your hair color. Kthx.

Dear Grandma, You had killer style and I miss you. xoxo

Dear Marg, Get in my belly!

I hope you have a faboosh weekend everyone and starting MONDAY (!!!) I will be done with the semester and will have time to actually BLOG! (Gasp!)