What's on my iPhone?

I am nosey, I admit it and besides what's in my bag videos, I love to know what's on people's iPhones....especially becoming an iPhone user 6 short months ago. 

My background/lock screen is both the graffiti Louis Vuitton Paris print I covet. 

On my main screen I have the usual...I am obsessed with foursquare and instagram. 
@elizalouisebell on IG! Holla!

On my second screen I have Pandora and all my apps that I don't use frequently. 
Gas Buddy which is located in "More Things" is FAB. I used it when I was staying in Madison for the day and didn't know the best place to get gas. 

PS: How does anyone use the Newsstand app? All the things I want to read are not on the newsstand section!

On my last page I have all my fashion-y/gossip-y/news apps. I just downloaded Nordstrom's app and kind of died. I can't afford anything on it, but it's fun to make wishlists!! I also recc Sephora's app. You can totally find reviews and new products on the app and even buy things! (Also dangerous to my wallet.) The Ebay app is also pretty helpful when bidding on stuffs. Gossip Bucket takes all the gossip sites and puts it all in one place. Muchhhh easier to read all my latest gossip.

Some strange facts about my iPhone/me using iPhone: 
  • I don't use my calendar. I would rather carry around my Moleskine. 
  • I have my iPod which houses all my music. I won't use my iPhone for music. 
  • I actually like the "Maps" function that came on my phone!
So do you have any apps that you think I'd like? What are your favs? Where do you find fun backgrounds for your phone? 


  1. I've had an iPhone for about two weeks and I'm far too obsessed. I love this post so much! I need to organize my phone a little better because it's just cluttered with apps. I saw you have the Blogger app.. do you like it? I deleted it because I felt like I wouldn't update via phone. But I am also obsessed with Instagram as well, I just started following you on there!

  2. LOVE my iPhone...I have too many apps to count. Faves? Instagram *duh*, Pinterest, ESPN ScoreCenter, social media apps (Twitter, Facebook, foursquare), DrawFree, Starbucks, My Fitness Pal...the list could go on and on!

    Happy Wednesday, dear!


  3. I've used my Map app too and found it quite useful! I love love love my iphone! I second Meghan above with my favorite apps - we basically have the same ones! haha

  4. fabulous post, love. And thank you so much for your comment the other day. I always love reading them. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


  5. we have a lot of the same apps! isnt the nordstrom app aaaamazing?!? Your blog is adorable! new follower!

    xo Kelly