Open Letter to AJ (again) this time dealing with HIM BEING A DADDY!

Dear AJ,
You and Ro are going to have the CUTEST baby on the face of the planet! Please wait for them to get tattoos until they are 18 and I hope you name the baby something unique like Damian, Nyx, Raven or Octavia! Oh, and I hope they wear a lot of punk rock onesies.

PS: Can I babysit?



An open letter to Nick Carter and his shaggy mop

Dear Nick,
Hope you're loving touring in Europe, but I hope you take the time to get a haircut. In the recent weeks, I have seen pictures of your hair and it is getting increasingly similar to Bon Jovi's hair.
I know that long hair is "in" these days, but I really think that you looked better with shorter locks...that and your bangs are in your eyes. Didn't you grandma ever tell you that it's bad for your eyes!?


PS: Tell AJ I say hi.


Breaking up.

DVR and I are breaking up. 
I don't want it to happen, it wasn't him, it was me.
I just cannot afford his services anymore. 
I am really taking it hard because now I won't be able to watch my shows at normal time. 
I will have to be one of those people that have to stay off of twitter for spoilers! 

I think I need to be alone... 



Typical Day for a hair stylist!

My friend Ariel is the QUEEN of big hair. Girl doesn't mess around. So when I received this as a text message, I know she means biz.


What I want Monday!

Khloe Kardash-O was spotted wearing this gorgeous Tucker Cascade Mini Dress for press day. I am OBSESSED with this dress and would totally buy it if it wasn't half of my rent....has anyone seen a knock off of an Aztec print with a High-Low Skirt?


xoxo, GG for BB

I kind of freaked out when I saw this. Birchbox teamed up with Gossip Girl for the May Box!!! 

What does this mean?!!

The Gossip Girl Birchbox will contain chic beauty products inspired by Manhattan’s poshest social set, chosen in consultation with the series’ department head for makeup, Amy Tagliamonti, and department head for hair, Jennifer Johnson.

Kind of way excited about this! If you are a current subby, that means that you will be getting the box, but if you are waiting to be accepted go to this link and add your email address! 

BB is really stepping up their game!

What do you think about this special box? Are you excited? Do you have BB?? Because you should.:)


What's on my iPhone?

I am nosey, I admit it and besides what's in my bag videos, I love to know what's on people's iPhones....especially becoming an iPhone user 6 short months ago. 

My background/lock screen is both the graffiti Louis Vuitton Paris print I covet. 

On my main screen I have the usual...I am obsessed with foursquare and instagram. 
@elizalouisebell on IG! Holla!

On my second screen I have Pandora and all my apps that I don't use frequently. 
Gas Buddy which is located in "More Things" is FAB. I used it when I was staying in Madison for the day and didn't know the best place to get gas. 

PS: How does anyone use the Newsstand app? All the things I want to read are not on the newsstand section!

On my last page I have all my fashion-y/gossip-y/news apps. I just downloaded Nordstrom's app and kind of died. I can't afford anything on it, but it's fun to make wishlists!! I also recc Sephora's app. You can totally find reviews and new products on the app and even buy things! (Also dangerous to my wallet.) The Ebay app is also pretty helpful when bidding on stuffs. Gossip Bucket takes all the gossip sites and puts it all in one place. Muchhhh easier to read all my latest gossip.

Some strange facts about my iPhone/me using iPhone: 
  • I don't use my calendar. I would rather carry around my Moleskine. 
  • I have my iPod which houses all my music. I won't use my iPhone for music. 
  • I actually like the "Maps" function that came on my phone!
So do you have any apps that you think I'd like? What are your favs? Where do you find fun backgrounds for your phone? 


The Case of the Missing Mascara pt 2

In January, I got this mascara that I was so excited to try. 

You can read about what happened here

Basically, this new never been used mascara has been missing because of this feller. 

His name is Oz. He is 4 months old and likes shiny things. 
Well, we moved around the living room last week to get ready for Mike's BFF to come in from WA with his lovely fiancee. 
Just as we moved our loveseat, we saw something that was smack dab in the middle under it. 

It was
my mascara.

a squeaky mouse
three twist ties from bread
a couple bobby pins
and a bread plastic thingie. 


How does a kitten get all of those things under the loveseat? Seriously. Sometimes I just don't know.