Who is A?!!! (SPOILERS)

So, I confess, I am OBSESSED with Pretty Little Liars. Like legit obsessed. I have all the books and religiously watch the show. 
Tonight they FINALLY (after two-ish years) who A is....

If you watch the show, you know that the books are nothing like it. 

There were three clues on GMA this morning: 
A loathes one of the PLL's more than the others. 
A has a motive to justify A's evil deeds. 
A admires one of the PLL's more than the others.  

Other clues that have been said it's not like the books and A has been in the show since the beginning. First episode. SO that makes you think too....

Tonight is ADAY. So I decided to compile a list of who I think A is.
The liars: it's not them. It can't be. That would be too obvious.... or is it?....it could be Spencer...
Ian: he's dead. (This is who the liars thought was A at first...)

The liars parents:  yeah, it crossed my mind. But I don't think it is any of them. 
Jenna: She is lying about seeing out of her eye that just gotten fixed....it could happen! But I think that it's too obvious. But she does have motive...the liars blinded her with a firework!
Garrett: He was arrested last week, so this is also not plausible. 

Also been named a suspect, so I don't think they would use her either. 

Lucas:  He was also a suspect, so I don't think so...but I think he knows who A is. 
Toby:  This could be plausible. But why would he want to hurt Spencer? 
Caleb:  He is so computer saavy. So he's got that going for him...but he loves Hanna so now again, I am not sure. 
Mona: She was A in the books. So that's a no. 
Maya:  She could be A as well. She loves Emily, but she is such a jealous person! 
Noel: I don't think it's him, but he definitely has something off about him. He shows up in the weirdest places!
Wren: It could be him as well, he is also kind of shady. 
Jason: He is Ali's brother, but why would he want his sister dead? 

I also think that someone is working with someone, but I have no idea who...

Here is my hypothesis:

I THINK ITS EZRA. (I think I might be wrong, but I gotta put it out there.)
Reasons why: 
A types on a typewriter. Ezra has a typewriter in his apartment AND as his phone screen. 
A has pretty eyes, Ezra's eyes are gorgeous....and that's all I got. 
I am probably wrong and this was probably pointless, but I figure at least one of you will get a kick out of it. 

Who do you think is A (if you watch PLL)?
This was just for fun... I love a good mystery! BUT I love knowing spoilers better.


  1. Hold up! Is the guy in that second photo the kid from Disney's Smart House?! I loved him!

    Keep Shining,

  2. I hope it's Ezra, because I hate him! Super creepy! You're how old and sleeping with a sixteen year old? Gross, perv.

    I have no clue who A is, but I have to wait until tomorrow to find out! I don't have TV, so I have to wait until it's up online. Boo! Enjoy tonight!!

  3. Ezra is gorgeous. Period.

    I hope he's not A.

    I just finished watching the last show. It was killing me because I couldn't watch it last night. Loved the episode.