Tried and True

Shasta Anne revealed her "tried and true" beauty products that she never stops wearing today, so I thought I'd follow suit. I am a big beauty product person and love to try new things, but sometimes the oldies are the goodies. 

1. Sin Eyeshadow from Urban Decay - This color is in my Naked Palette and I am at pan! I love the champagne-y color and it is perfect for that brown smokey eye. I pair it with Hustle most of the time. I love. 
2. NARS Orgasm Blush - This is blush is perfect for just a flush of color. Even though the name is what made me buy it (being honest!) I really love this product and I have hit pan on this one also! 
3. High Beam from Benefit - This highlighter has been my favorite since high school. I put it on my cheekbones and nose ridge.
4. Physicians Formula Happy Boost Bronzer - I think the gimmick (makes you feel happier) behind it is kind of dumb, but I feel like it does make me feel happier.  It also gives me a faboosh glow.
5. Love Spell from Victoria's Secret - This is my favorite smell ever. I have worn it for over 6 years and I have heard it's an "old" scent that reminds people of middle school. It reminds me of my first semester in college, not middle school and I will keep buying it until I find another...which I probs won't. 
6. Lash Injection by Too Faced - This mascara is tubing and makes your lashes long and luscious. Enough said. I have bought countless tubes of this. Now I am trying "They're Real!" by Benefit, but I always carry a small Lash Injection in my purse for touch ups. It will stay in there.


  1. I have products 2 and 6 and looove both of them! Benefit is actually my favorite makeup brand! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. HiBeam is one of my favorite Benefit products! Lately, I've been using it on my eyelid before I put on eyeshadow for a little extra brightness.