My last myGlam bag....

iphone pic=sucks

MyGlam this month wasn't...good. Which made me feel better for cancelling the subby. I wasn't impressed with the foil packages I received which are...cheap. You can get foil packets for free at makeup counters. The lip balm so far is just meh... but I did get a "exclusive brush" which feels comparable to ELF, but otherwise I am glad I will be saving 10 dollars a month because it wasn't as good as I thought...and the first three months of this subscription was amazeballs (didn't recieve any of them, there was a waiting list.) Don't get me wrong, their customer service was amazing, but I really am glad with my decision. My BB is faboosh so it makes up for the suckiness of this! Check out my Birchbox unboxing tomorrow!

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