Mullet Skirts.

These skirts also fondly known as "mullet skirts" have been a current trend found on all the blogs lately. So are we loving or hating them? They are kind of unique... right? 

1. BCBG 2. F21 3. F21 4. O'Neill 5. Volcom


  1. hate hate hate hate. I've seen one look cute on an actual person (not a model), but other than that, I generally don't like them.

  2. I kinda like them!! But I don't know if I'd wear them.

  3. I remember seeing this in Target right at the beginning of the Spring season..and I'm still very much undecided! I can't tell whether or not I like them or hate them. The one on the left would be cute to wear if you're going dancing...other than that I can only imagine Carrie Bradshaw pulling this off :p