Homemade Sushi!

Since Mike and I started dating, we made sushi by hand because spending 10 dollars on a roll wasn't really in our budget. We hadn't made sushi since we moved, so we figured we would make some tonight because both of us had off of work (which NEVER happens!!) Here's our spread: 

We had Philly Rolls, California Rolls and Tuna Rolls....oh and with the left over tuna, we made some Seared Ahi Tuna...trying to recreate Outback Steakhouse's Seared Ahi Tuna...which I am obsessed with. OBSESSED. 


...it kind of turned out the same. It was yummy, that's for sure.

Basically to make sushi you need these things: 
Sushi Rice
Cream Cheese
Fake Crab

Then you put it together like this: 
 After that Mike surprised me with HOMEMADE ICE CREAM CAKE. 

Sorry for the yucky iPhone pic:

Def will be running this off tomorrow.


  1. OHHH YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this looks amazing!!!!!! love it!!! i need to make some (or get the take out, asap!)

    love K

  2. Next time you make sushi, invite me over OKAY!!!!!!!!!!! okay.

    i knew you would.

  3. WOW, you so fancy! I have never tried making my own sushi before.

  4. I totally want to try making homemade sushi, but it just seems so intimidating! Yours looks delish!

  5. Mmmm this looks so yummy! Your blog is so cute and pretty! I love the name. Great post. I am following you now:)


  6. YUMMMM! You guys did a fab job. I've never wanted to dunk something in soy sauce as much as I do right now... nom nom nom.

  7. This is RIDICULOUSLY impressive. Oh my goodness!