myGlam bag Feb 2012!

myGlam is similar to Birchbox, started by youtube Guru Michelle Phan who was getting bombarded with questions about products. She started myGlam only a couple months ago and they are already sold out/on waitlists. I was immediately drawn to myGlam because of the bag you got with each of your subs. 

1. First, I got some chocolates from Ghirardelli, which if you know is based out of San Francisco, so that made me think of my home away from home. Holla, SF! Miss your fog! ;)

2. I also received a full size NYX rollerball eye shimmer. This product retails for about 5.00. I was excited to try a NYX product, but am not a fan of the seafoam color I received. Green really isn't my color. 

3. This months bag is adorbs! The bag is hot pink with black hearts... I know I will be using this in my purse for sure. 

4. These dead sea products are supposed to be pretty fab, not that excited about them, but I love new face products. 

5. 100.00 to NUME (which is a hair website where you can get extensions and straighteners) I honestly won't use it because even though they gave us a 100.00 off card, the straighteners are still hella expensive. 

6. X OUT Shine Control is supposed to control shine. I still haven't tried it, but it seems like a cross between a primer and an acne control medication. 

7. Lastly, we get a sample of a hydration mask. I love these little foil packets because you can try multiple masks until you find what you like. 

So far I wasn't THAT impressed with myGlam, the December bag was something that was amazing, so I was hoping it would be just like that, but sadly it wasn't. I hope they step up their game, because I really love trying new products...it's like your birthday when you get your subs in the mail! 


  1. OMG! I'll use that NUME card - I almost bought a new flat iron last night on Amazon!

  2. I love these boxes or bags where you get samples of beauty products every month! I have the German equivalent of Birchbox and it like Christmas every month! The box wasn't too great last month (just like your myGlam bag), but I am hoping the next box will be better. :)

  3. oooo ahh!! love that cosmetic bag!! so cute! i try and keep my subscriptions to a min but this one looks appealing.


  4. I've seriously thought about switching from Birchbox to a Glam Box! Love the items you got!

    Found your blog through Stephanie at "Midwest Prep"! I'm from Wisconsin and always love coming across other Midwesterners that blog!! Doesn't it seem like most bloggers are from California?! (Lame!) :)

    Newest follower here!