Linkup With My Girl Neely!

Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup is having a linky-poo today. I figured I have new blog readers so I would do some random facts about me and link up with her! 
So, new readers, This is me (with my beardy fiancee) ....
We have two fur children, Warhol and Ozzy, seen here: 

We live in the boring state of Wisconsin, where I complain about the snow and humidity all the time. 

I used to live in the beautiful city of San Francisco and moved back for Beardy up there. 
I am slightly obsessed with Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson and Kate Spade. (I am waiting for the Betsey NYFW show to start as I type this....) 

I love all things Backstreet Boys and still believe that I will meet AJ from BSB. (He got married last year...I was heartbroken.)

I go to school for Communication and hope to graduate within this next decade. 

I own an orange car and her name is Sally Cobalta and she's currently sitting out in the snow that I will complain about right now.... Wahhhhh. 

I love blogging so much and I meet all my BFFS blogging. I am so lucky. 

So, introduce yourself!! I'd love to meet you! 



  1. I definitely had the BSB Pandora station playing the other night!

    Found your blog through Neely :-)

  2. Newest follower! I am obsessed with you blog design! Who did it??

    1. Her name is Kristen from http://graphicdesignconfessions.blogspot.com/ she is SO fab! Check her out!

  3. Your blog design is gorgeous - I am a sucker for a beautiful layout. I love the scallop edges.

    1. Thank you! It's brand new and I am in love too!

  4. you're adorable!! so glad i found you!! i also adore KS!! and my blogger BFF met the BSB last year!!