Bloody Mary and getting carded.

My brother, Joshua is one of my best friends. He is four years younger than me and is probably one of the most closed minded people you would meet. (That's besides the point...ha) He is an old soul who listens to Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Sr. He says VietnAm, (rhymes with Spam, not CD-Rom) and recently turned 21. 
Today, we went out for dinner and both ordered bloodys. The waiter turns to me and says can I see your ID? AND THEN JOSHUA DOESN'T GET CARDED! 

So here is the question. How old does my brother look?
Happy Oscar Night!


  1. I'm horrible at coming up with ages but I definitely would have carded both of you! lol

  2. Cuuuute blog! and I agree with Sarah above. Totally would have carded you! so glad I found your blog.. happy to be your newest follower. :)