What's in my bag? V.2

My obsession is finding out what is in other people's purses. (That and looking in other's peoples houses... gosh  I am creepy!) So when the #janphotoaday instagram challenge was "What's in my Bag?" I thought I would include it on my blog too.

The bag I use is my Marc Jacobs that I got from my dear friend Candace. So what's in my purse you ask?

I have some pepper spray (aka my water gun looking thing)
I also have my makeup (just lip gloss, mascara...) in my handmade Etsy bag that I got from a cute shop a while back. 
Keys, complete with my eye podz for tanning. (I haven't tanned in months...just makes my keys easier to find in my abyss of a purse.)
Hair pieces are always in my bag somewhere. I act like I am stylish and end up taking it out within the first 20 mins of me leaving my house.... 
Tokidoki little unicorn thingamajig...cute right? 
Wallet that I got during Miami Fashion Week,
Wisps for fresh breath, a million and a half lip glosses and lip butters,
Sunglasses, allergy eye drops (I may or may not be allergic to Warzy and Ozzy...) and a pick for my hairs. 
My moleskin that keeps all my planner stuffs in it, my knock off Dooney checkbook, a new wallet I won at work+Clinique face powder, 
my Paris mirror from when my friend, Jewels went to Paris, papers, hand sanitizer and a teasing comb because my hair falls flat in two mins flat!
Boring, I know. Sorry. Next time I will stick more interesting stuff in it before taking a pic. ;) 

Are you a lip gloss hoarder? Do I need this many lip glosses in my purse?


  1. My bag used to be something like this. Now, it's a diaper bag. Oh, how things have changed :)

  2. Haha! I love to look into people's houses who have the curtains open and the lights on at night! ;) Stopping by from Hollie #FF!

  3. I'm a lip product junkie! My hubby makes fun of the fact that I have multiple lip liners, lipsticks and glosses with me at all times. It just means that you like variety. ;) Stopping by from #ff.

  4. your bag seems early similar to mine. i have filmed a "whats in my bag" vlog but need to edit and upload it! :)