Update on Kitteh....

Ozzy is doing very well adjusting. Warhol has been loving being the big bruffer and making sure Ozzy doesn't end up lost.


See exhibit A:

Only problems are:

Oz's claws are sharp little daggers. Can we trim them down while he's a kitten? We aren't getting him declawed because Warhol hasn't been declawed.

ALSO, Oz has been eating cardboard? He finds book corners and magazines and gnaws on them. Is that normal?


  1. Awwww kitty fwends forever!!

    No knowledge on trimming the baby's nails - we trim Scout's and she's fine with it. Also Scout likes to destroy cardboard/tissue paper/paper towels but I don't think she actually eats it, just makes a huge mess. I would be careful if he's actually ingesting it, that could be dangerous.

  2. He's teething! Kitties lose their baby teeth, he's probably just gnawing on stuff because it feels good on his little teeth right now.

  3. I wish my cats were that nice to each other. When one starts to lick the other it lasts about 20 seconds then its a battle. Layla is right, he's teething. They'll chew on a lot of stuff. Just squirt him when you don't want him chewing on something or let him only chew on certain things like empty toilet paper rolls.

  4. omg MELT MY HEART!! adorable fur babies you have!! makes me want a kitty again! i have two babes too but they are no longer little. btw I'm blowing up your comments notifications!