Rosie's Cafe.

There can be a place that totally can take you back to a nostalgic time where life was good and you stole the Pleasoning off the table.

This cafe has homemade everything and amazing food. It takes me back to Friday afternoons when I was little where we grabbed lunch after doing errands with my grandma and great-grandma.

The best part is the Trivial Pursuit cards on the table.

The food: Ahmayyyyzing. Like, seriously. Esp. breakfast.

...yeah, I eat ketchup on my hashbrowns...what of it?

Do you have a place you always go to? This is Sissy and my place to go on Mondays. The waitress knows our order by heart.


  1. There's no other way to eat hashbrowns than with ketchup.

  2. That place looks amazingly cool, and like it would fit right in on Twin Peaks. And I need one of those mugs.

  3. I can steal you a mug...I am going there tomorrow!!!