The Case of the Missing Mascara...

I woke up this morning to hearing things fall from the table in the living room. Ozzy was taking my lip butters and blushes and playing with them until they fell off the table. After retrieving everything from the floor I realized one crucial thing was missing: 

I tweeted about the purloined mascara asking where a kitten would stick it... I checked everyone's solutions: under the couch, under any type of furniture and even checked in his "secret hiding spot" next to the couch. I came up with NOTHING! So now what do I do? I have turned my house upside down looking for my mascara. I was all excited to use it too because I heard it makes your eyelashes look hella long. Oh well, I am sending the hubs on a mascara hunt tomorrow.


  1. Bummer, my dog manages to eat a chapstick about once a week.

  2. Hope you find it! That's my fave mascara - adds a ton of length & volume with one swipe and doesn't flake off during the day.