New Blog Look!

I have been away from the blog for a couple of days huh? Well now I am back and have a good reason! My friend Kristen from her blog: 

So excited for this! I told her that I loved greys, corals and teals and vintage-y looking things and she just rolled with it! I am so thrilled with how it turned out! She is SO amazing and great to work with. She is beyond talented and if you need a new blog design, go to Kristen.

Want more information? 
Holla at her! 


Birchbox January 2012 + Kittehs.

Birchboxxxxx!! So far I am LOVING the Stila Smudge Stick! I tried the frothy foaming facewash last night and it was very tea tree oil smelling, so I cannot complain. I am trying to reason with Mike why I need both myGlam and Birchbox every month. So far he's making me choose.


The day I was mentioned on Cocks with P....

See that tweet? Yeah, I got mentioned by my favorite afternoon show Cosmo Radio show, Cocks with P!!! I may be a little more excited about this than most people (except EmilyB...she gets it ;)) but this made my day! 
The lowdown on Cocks: It's on 3-6pm Eastern time and is pure sex. The hosts Patrick and Lea are hillar and Patrick tries to get us girls to understand what the male mind is thinking.
Today Lea and Patrick were discussing if girls can be friends with guys after settling down with one guy and vice versa. So I thought I would chime in on twitter....and the next thing I know he says "Elizabeth....."and says my tweet!
Patrick is brutal some days and to the point, but it needs to be heard.
It also doesn't hurt that Patrick is gorge even though there isn't ONE good picture on the internet of him. Watch this, then you will see why I am so excited:

I know, I'm pathetic. EmilyB and I will go listen to Cocks with P and fangirl alone then...


What's in my bag? V.2

My obsession is finding out what is in other people's purses. (That and looking in other's peoples houses... gosh  I am creepy!) So when the #janphotoaday instagram challenge was "What's in my Bag?" I thought I would include it on my blog too.

The bag I use is my Marc Jacobs that I got from my dear friend Candace. So what's in my purse you ask?

I have some pepper spray (aka my water gun looking thing)
I also have my makeup (just lip gloss, mascara...) in my handmade Etsy bag that I got from a cute shop a while back. 
Keys, complete with my eye podz for tanning. (I haven't tanned in months...just makes my keys easier to find in my abyss of a purse.)
Hair pieces are always in my bag somewhere. I act like I am stylish and end up taking it out within the first 20 mins of me leaving my house.... 
Tokidoki little unicorn thingamajig...cute right? 
Wallet that I got during Miami Fashion Week,
Wisps for fresh breath, a million and a half lip glosses and lip butters,
Sunglasses, allergy eye drops (I may or may not be allergic to Warzy and Ozzy...) and a pick for my hairs. 
My moleskin that keeps all my planner stuffs in it, my knock off Dooney checkbook, a new wallet I won at work+Clinique face powder, 
my Paris mirror from when my friend, Jewels went to Paris, papers, hand sanitizer and a teasing comb because my hair falls flat in two mins flat!
Boring, I know. Sorry. Next time I will stick more interesting stuff in it before taking a pic. ;) 

Are you a lip gloss hoarder? Do I need this many lip glosses in my purse?


Waterproof Mascara=friend

Dear Miss Wisconsin,

SO excited that you won Miss America, you made the worst weekend of the year a little more easier to handle. But WHY didn't you put on waterproof mascara?! Every Cosmo girl knows that when you have an event (re: wedding, Miss America pageant) you NEED to wear waterproof mascara otherwise you will look like this on national television:

This is unacceptable. But congrats on the title and I hope Aaron Rogers calls you. For the Miss Universe pageant make sure you stock up on this bad boy:

Your raccoon'd eyes will thank me.


PS: You are gorgeous and I am SO happy that you are repp'in Wisco, at least you didn't choke in a playoff game.


New Years in.

New Years is always been my favorite holiday. But, for the past two NYE's I have been sick or in bed before midnight. But after the worst Saturday of work ever (included almost burning down the salon) we decided to stay in. We had a delightful dinner at Outback Steakhouse (we had a voucher) and then came home with champy and party hats.(all pics from my iphone, sorry they suck hXc)

We even gave Warhol a turn, which you saw on our last Warhol Wednesday, but we did more than one hat. (He hates us.) 

We played Ratuki which isn't related to this guy:

and waited for the ball to drop. By the looks of our DL NYE, 2012 better rock. 



Rosie's Cafe.

There can be a place that totally can take you back to a nostalgic time where life was good and you stole the Pleasoning off the table.

This cafe has homemade everything and amazing food. It takes me back to Friday afternoons when I was little where we grabbed lunch after doing errands with my grandma and great-grandma.

The best part is the Trivial Pursuit cards on the table.

The food: Ahmayyyyzing. Like, seriously. Esp. breakfast.

...yeah, I eat ketchup on my hashbrowns...what of it?

Do you have a place you always go to? This is Sissy and my place to go on Mondays. The waitress knows our order by heart.


Butter for your lips!

Wisconsin is so slow with new trends and I literally had to go to three stores to find these Lip Butters. (I understand there is only two here... Wisconsin is also really slow on restocking shelves...) 

These are all the rage right now in the beauty world and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. So far I have had Strawberry Shortcake for about 2 weeks and just got Sweet Tart. 

The verdict is still out. Do you want me to do a review when I decide if these were worth the 5.99?


The Case of the Missing Mascara...

I woke up this morning to hearing things fall from the table in the living room. Ozzy was taking my lip butters and blushes and playing with them until they fell off the table. After retrieving everything from the floor I realized one crucial thing was missing: 

I tweeted about the purloined mascara asking where a kitten would stick it... I checked everyone's solutions: under the couch, under any type of furniture and even checked in his "secret hiding spot" next to the couch. I came up with NOTHING! So now what do I do? I have turned my house upside down looking for my mascara. I was all excited to use it too because I heard it makes your eyelashes look hella long. Oh well, I am sending the hubs on a mascara hunt tomorrow.

Spinach Feta Pizza

I made a promise to myself that I would start cooking and post on the blog. After trying to find recipes on pinterest, we thought we could make some Spinach Feta Pizza with our new Rachael Ray cookware we got for Christmas.

Hi, pretty baby.... the whole set is gradient orange. Perfect present. 

Spinach is one of my favorite foods and dang right, we used this whole box....

One of the craziest things of the world: how much spinach wilts when cooked (but, seriously) 

The finished product was faboosh. This will now be a favorite in our household! 

I also didn't have to work so of course I ate it with wine. 



New product for 2012!

google images

I am an avid youtube makeup guru fan, so when I heard about this new blush called "bouncy" blush by Maybelline from MacBarbie07, I knew I wanted to try it. TG that Tarjay had it today when I went for a little shopping haul.

The color that I got was called "Pink Frosting" and retails for about 7 dollars. Now the cool thing about it was that its...like a weird material...that has a play-dough feel to it.

Looks completely normal. 

I still haven't had a chance to use it, so review will follow. So far, I like the product.

Are you going to try this product?


Happy Birthday {ex} boyfran!

Today is AJ's 34th beeday! I just found out that In-Touch Weekly showed pics from the McLean wedding...so I will be posting as soon as I get my mitts on it!! 

Happy birthday, dollface. 

PS: Loooove your eyeliner in this pic.


Update on Kitteh....

Ozzy is doing very well adjusting. Warhol has been loving being the big bruffer and making sure Ozzy doesn't end up lost.


See exhibit A:

Only problems are:

Oz's claws are sharp little daggers. Can we trim them down while he's a kitten? We aren't getting him declawed because Warhol hasn't been declawed.

ALSO, Oz has been eating cardboard? He finds book corners and magazines and gnaws on them. Is that normal?



{Disclaimer: This is a touchy subject, but I needed to rant about it. So, if this is going to piss you off in anyway, X out right now. Kthx.}

Hi, how are ya? I have been sick and definitely am ready to be back in the well-ship with everyone else... but I had time to get caught up on my blog roll, which was overflowing with posts... but one thing gets me every time I read it is posts about how fat {you} are... I just read a post about a girl that is trying to get her body skinny so she looks good in a wedding dress...guess how much she weighs? 

131. And she's tall. 

This gets to me. This is why I don't do OOTD posts because I am about 230 right now. YEP. I have never been at 130, but I imagine that I'd be skinnier than this:

This is me at my lightest weight: I was a size 8 and weight about 140.

This is me now, well actually my heaviest (during summer):

I don't get how you can be so hard on yourself, thinking that you are fat at 130. I won't even get into a two piece because of the judging bishes on the beach. I have heard the snickering and heard "cow" muttered under mean boys breath in high school. You just want people to say that you're beautiful and need an ego boost. I am just floored that people especially skinny girls that gained {gasp!} 20 lbs since high school need to come out and say OMG I AM SO FAT EW I HATE MYSELF...

Now, I am probably just bitter because I don't look like that {first photo} but that was with working out every single day for 2 hours and I was very sick. If that's what it takes to be happy in my skin again, I'd rather be what you skinny bishs think is "fat."

Phew. I feel better now.


Birchbox December (late)

After wondering where my Birchbox had gone, I finally received it later on in the month of December. Their customer service was amazing. I still haven't tried most of these products and the perfume smells a little musty to me, but I love love love the lipgloss that is actually named after Birchbox. I also used the showstoppers to keep my slouchy boots up last week. (I know, they are supposed to be SLOUCHY.)

I may be trying a new beauty subscription as soon as it isn't sold out. I love trying out new products!



Happy New Year everyone!!!! Here's to 2012!