Presents are my favorite. Esp from my friends.

Kira from Her New Leaf tweeted me that she wanted to send me a present....which made me so excited because I didn't include myself in my blogger exchange!! Guess what I got today?!?!

How adorbs is that?! Its totally Kate Spade inspired!!!

And here's the aftermath....LOOK AT THAT gorgeous scissors necklace!!!

Of course Warhol got in some action too....

I am so happy to have such amazing friends.  Twitter has blessed me this  year.


  1. Fun! That was super sweet of your friend (who I believe has my same name). Mine is pronounced Kai-rah, some people pronounce it Kee-rah. Anyway, I got the same scissors necklace for my sister last year!

  2. Ooo Warhol looks so pretty with his beads!

    Hi Kira! I'm a Kee-rah! Nice to meet you!