Happy holidays! Now that everything is over and all but one of my grades have came in, I can blog! YAY! What did you get for presents? I got this little guy:

Blogging world, meet Ozzy. He was going to be Onyx, but it wasn't easy to say and I kept forgetting his name and calling him Warhol.

Speaking of Warhol, he is adjusting pretty well, which I was REALLY worried about. Warhol will always be my number one. Here's him with Ozzy:

See? Best fwends. So, what do you think of our new addition?


  1. How precious! We got a new kitten for Christmas, too!

    Warhol seems to be coping better than our other kitty. lol

  2. Omg soo adorable! I got another cat (Lilo)recently but Lenny isn't being so nice to her. He pounces on her all the time and bites her. Hopefully they'll be friends soon!