Drink, drank, drunk.

I never go out, like literally never. I have so much going on right now (school, work, internship...) that is impossible for me to have a night off where I can go and enjoy a couple with my friends. A few Fridays ago, we closed the shop early (allowed to because it was Black Friday=dead) and went out for a couple....well a couple turned into 4. Each stronger than the last....with the exception of my Corona, because my GBFF (gay best friend) made me drink.
*I am not usually a drinker... so don't take this personally if you don't drink!*

My first drink was a Margaritni. Ooowee. Strong. Hello Tequila, my name is Liz.

My second drink was a Chocolate Strawberry. Tasted like fruit punch.

By then I was feeling it and decided (not a good decision) to go to another bar. 
Third round was a famous Bloody Mary from a bar a few blocks away. 
Complete with a Chaser. 

At this point I googled the words to Super Bass and was rapping it with my GBFF.

After this drink and basically downing two glasses of water.... (I was feeling pretty good at this point....) My GBFF told me that I should come with him to a gay bar, back up the street.
I did.

Needless to say, It sucked getting up the next morning for work. I think I am too old for that. My 21 year old body could handle mixing liquor and beer, but not my 24 year old body...

Lesson learned....until I finish finals. Then I may do this again...but not on work night.


  1. lol! I love this post... especially the part about the Super Bass lyrics. Um... I did that when I was sober. And now I have them memorized... don't judge me! I don't drink that much anymore either, but I love it when I do! :) Hope you have a fun weekend!

  2. I don't go out on weeknights (for the most part) because hangovers at work may be the most horrible thing ever. The good news is you remember the night so you didn't get black out drunks!! That's always a plus :)