Dear AJ McLean....(an open letter to my favorite Backstreet Boy, after his wedding)

So, you got married on Saturday. Do you know how sad that makes me?

Rewind to 1998, where I was quizzing myself on which Backstreet Boy was which in Teen Beat. I loved you. Fast forward one year later....in Madison, Wisconsin. I saw you and the boys on tour with Mandy Moore....I couldn't believe that I was seeing the Backstreet Boys live. While "Everybody" was playing you told the audience to "raise the roof" so we did...I obviously didn't get the memo, because I did it longer than anyone else in my row....and I swear you smiled and whispered something to Kevin. This is when I realized that I was going to marry you...

I am very happy for you, AJ....but also heartbroken. I couldn't wait for you to find me (hey, I am a makeup artist too!) so I said yes to my boyfriend when he proposed. A little while later you proposed to your girlfriend too....oh well. I think she's a better match for you anyways. I am too chicken to get tattooed sleeves and I would get too jealous of the girls on tour. But seriously dude. If you are ever in the Madison, Wisconsin area, look me up. Let's have drinks with our significant others.

The picture that I have seen that Tyler Shields did for you is pretty bad ass...

And you look good together. There. I admitted it. I hope you're happy AJ, because you deserve it. I love you and always will. I heard that Ro and you are moving to the Valley to find a house and get ready to have kids...they will have the coolest parents. I guess it really is over, huh?

Always and forever,

PS: Nick is still single right?


  1. Haha. This is great! I will always & forever be in love with my boy bands..the originals!! lol.

  2. haha oh BSB! nick owns a house not far from mine. he isn't there very often (obvz!) but i still see him on occasion at the mall (which is SO weird!). usually his little brother aaron is with him too! life is so strange :P