Happy holidays! Now that everything is over and all but one of my grades have came in, I can blog! YAY! What did you get for presents? I got this little guy:

Blogging world, meet Ozzy. He was going to be Onyx, but it wasn't easy to say and I kept forgetting his name and calling him Warhol.

Speaking of Warhol, he is adjusting pretty well, which I was REALLY worried about. Warhol will always be my number one. Here's him with Ozzy:

See? Best fwends. So, what do you think of our new addition?


Presents are my favorite. Esp from my friends.

Kira from Her New Leaf tweeted me that she wanted to send me a present....which made me so excited because I didn't include myself in my blogger exchange!! Guess what I got today?!?!

How adorbs is that?! Its totally Kate Spade inspired!!!

And here's the aftermath....LOOK AT THAT gorgeous scissors necklace!!!

Of course Warhol got in some action too....

I am so happy to have such amazing friends.  Twitter has blessed me this  year.

DIY: T-Shirt Scarf

Dad sent me with a bunch of his old tee shirts from his "I'm a bad ass Harley rider days" and I had no idea what I was going to do with over-sized, vintage tees. I found this tutorial on Pinterest. Here are the steps to create your own!

After you fashion your tee into a circle, take the end that is connected to each strip and fashion a type of thick band with a piece of the left-over tee. Annnnd then it should look like this! 

Easy-peasy lemon-squeezey!!! 
PS: That is another tee that I got from my dad that I am wearing.... 

Do you like DIY things?


Dear AJ McLean....(an open letter to my favorite Backstreet Boy, after his wedding)

So, you got married on Saturday. Do you know how sad that makes me?

Rewind to 1998, where I was quizzing myself on which Backstreet Boy was which in Teen Beat. I loved you. Fast forward one year later....in Madison, Wisconsin. I saw you and the boys on tour with Mandy Moore....I couldn't believe that I was seeing the Backstreet Boys live. While "Everybody" was playing you told the audience to "raise the roof" so we did...I obviously didn't get the memo, because I did it longer than anyone else in my row....and I swear you smiled and whispered something to Kevin. This is when I realized that I was going to marry you...

I am very happy for you, AJ....but also heartbroken. I couldn't wait for you to find me (hey, I am a makeup artist too!) so I said yes to my boyfriend when he proposed. A little while later you proposed to your girlfriend too....oh well. I think she's a better match for you anyways. I am too chicken to get tattooed sleeves and I would get too jealous of the girls on tour. But seriously dude. If you are ever in the Madison, Wisconsin area, look me up. Let's have drinks with our significant others.

The picture that I have seen that Tyler Shields did for you is pretty bad ass...

And you look good together. There. I admitted it. I hope you're happy AJ, because you deserve it. I love you and always will. I heard that Ro and you are moving to the Valley to find a house and get ready to have kids...they will have the coolest parents. I guess it really is over, huh?

Always and forever,

PS: Nick is still single right?


Drink, drank, drunk.

I never go out, like literally never. I have so much going on right now (school, work, internship...) that is impossible for me to have a night off where I can go and enjoy a couple with my friends. A few Fridays ago, we closed the shop early (allowed to because it was Black Friday=dead) and went out for a couple....well a couple turned into 4. Each stronger than the last....with the exception of my Corona, because my GBFF (gay best friend) made me drink.
*I am not usually a drinker... so don't take this personally if you don't drink!*

My first drink was a Margaritni. Ooowee. Strong. Hello Tequila, my name is Liz.

My second drink was a Chocolate Strawberry. Tasted like fruit punch.

By then I was feeling it and decided (not a good decision) to go to another bar. 
Third round was a famous Bloody Mary from a bar a few blocks away. 
Complete with a Chaser. 

At this point I googled the words to Super Bass and was rapping it with my GBFF.

After this drink and basically downing two glasses of water.... (I was feeling pretty good at this point....) My GBFF told me that I should come with him to a gay bar, back up the street.
I did.

Needless to say, It sucked getting up the next morning for work. I think I am too old for that. My 21 year old body could handle mixing liquor and beer, but not my 24 year old body...

Lesson learned....until I finish finals. Then I may do this again...but not on work night.


Warhol Wednesday (Final Exam Edition)

I am the worst blogger ever. I have been soo busy with final exams and work I keep forgetting about blogging. I cannot wait to be done on Monday. Warhol is being a big help with studying too, obvis.