iPhone 4 change-up.

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Guess what I got!? Yes, yes its true. I turned in my crackberry for a pretty white iPhone. So far so good, I love it, much better than my crackberry. I was hesitant because I had been with the same carrier for years (since I was 16!!) but so far, I love it. They are helpful, my iphone is pretty and I can instagram, text like a mad woman...and now I need some apps! So what are your favorite? I need to fill up my 16gbs! haha (kidding...mostly)


  1. lovely nail polish :)

    Hope you're enjoying your iphone!

    Just stopping by for comment love :) xx

  2. Swackett, Songify, Emoji (free emoticon keyboard), Family Feud, Hound, Gas Buddy, Period Diary, Be Funky, Retro Camera, Storie, 8mm and Storyboarder are my current favorite apps!

  3. My fave apps are:
    - Instagram
    - Pinterest
    - TeuxDeux
    - GPS Plus
    - Cam Scanner

  4. Ah I'm totally getting one for myself for my birthday in January when my plan expires. Can't wait! I'm a born and bred Apple child and no one can believe I don't have an iPhone yet, lol.