Confesh Sesh: Wednesday.

Dear people at my school,

I will not be wearing makeup today because my eyes hurt and they deserve a break from mascara. Don't hate me.



Go getchu some!

I love this detangler (yes, I know it's made for little kids...) but seriously, it really detangles your hair and makes it smell like apples!!!

AND the octopus is adorbs, jumping rope! I mean, really!


Eyes Lips Face. DUPE ALERT!!

ELF is pretty amazing if you ask me. Everything on this website (and some at Target!!) is cheap and good quality! I love the powder brush, it is dense and really does the job! I would compare it to the Sigma Flat Top!! The tinted moisturizer has good coverage for summer, it is my fav to use for those hot days!

You can even find some dupes within the products: 

and here is a close up of the Browzings dupe!!

Do you use ELF? Do you have an obsession like me?


Warhol Wednesday

This is what I am thankful for. I love this little guy so much. He even watches ID Discovery on Netflix with me.


Birchbox, yo.


Birchbox is probably the best part of getting mail. (Aside from Cosmo, but I haven't have time to read it because of school!!) Wait...you don't know what Birchbox is? Okay. 

Here's the skinny: 
Birchbox is a monthly subscription that you get in the mail in the first two weeks-ish. It's 10 dollars and you get anywhere from 4-5 deluxe sized samples.
Are you intrigued? Cool. Here's a code to sign-up.

So what else do you want to know about this amazing service? 

What's on my face: part 3

I am a Benefit lover for life. The high beam highlighter is probably the first product I tried of the Benefit line and instantly fell in love. A little swipe of this on your cheek bones and you are good to go! The NARS blush I use is obvi Orgasm which is just a perfect pink with a little shimmer. I highly recc' both of these.


Clarissa Darling Called.....

Shenae Grimes, Clarissa Darling wants her outfit back. Please. Acid Wash will never be in again. You should know this.


iPhone 4 change-up.

from weheartit.com
Guess what I got!? Yes, yes its true. I turned in my crackberry for a pretty white iPhone. So far so good, I love it, much better than my crackberry. I was hesitant because I had been with the same carrier for years (since I was 16!!) but so far, I love it. They are helpful, my iphone is pretty and I can instagram, text like a mad woman...and now I need some apps! So what are your favorite? I need to fill up my 16gbs! haha (kidding...mostly)



Shocker. Right? Yeah, not really...so Kris Humph and Kim Kardash head to splitsville... everyone has heard about this, but seriously, I wasn't really thinking/nor caring about it until this morning. I listen to Taylor and Kenny on Cosmo Radio every morning. Those two are hillar in the morning and put a smile on my face. But this morning made my head explode. Like literally. BAM.

So they had a person on this morning to talk about the Kardash divorce. The things that I couldn't wrap my head around but did after I let it mull after the rest of the day.

  • Kris Jenner's book came out today....COINCIDENCE?
  • They just finished filming Kort and Khloe take NYC... at the end of the season Kris Humph and Kim Kardash have a huge fight and I guess they "take a break." Soooooo has this been coming for a while? 
  • The wedding was a hoax. A big publicity stunt. Apparently Kim's camp called the Nets up to ask if there was a single basketball player for her....first they tried the Knicks. 
  • They made over 18 million (through the E! special and the engagement People announcement!!!) They spent 10 million on the wedding.
  • The ONLY people that the Kardash's are commenting though is E! isn't that a little strange?
  • Kim filed for divorce at like, 3am on Monday and she "cried all weekend" in one story, but then another story was that she was seen out with Reggie Bush in NYC... 
  • The other thing that gets me is that this Klan is worth....a lot. With all the books, klothing lines, nail polish lines, perfume lines, shows (how many is it? like, 5?) commercials.... this isn't a big deal to them. If they duped everyone, jeez. 
  • But the one thing that Tay-Tay said on cosmo this morning... Brody Jenner is Kim Kardash's step sib. Brody was part of The Hills. Was this the way that all powerful Kris Jenner was testing the waters with "reality" tv? IS THIS REAL LIFE!? 
I used to love Kimmy, I used to love her whole family. But this is just redic. Isn't marriage sacred anymore? I don't know what I am more angry about...the fact that she made a mockery out of  marriage or that they made BANK off of it. Honestly, I think if this was all a conspiracy, Kim may have really screwed up this time, because people are mad. Even her fans.

Do you care about the Kardash Scandyyyy?

*I really just wanted to write about this, don't take it too seriously, I don't have time to worry about reality tv stars.*