TV chat Tuesday: Awkward.

I am OBSESSED. Anyone hear of the show Awkward. on MTV? Its a mix of "My So Called Life" (hello, Claire Danes!) and "Sex and the City".....

So let's play catch-up. 

Awkward. is about this social outcast named Jenna Hamilton, who during summer vacay slept with the school's jock, Mattie McKibben and starts a hush-hush relationship with him. Meanwhile, she gets a letter from an anonymous person saying that she should kill herself. Accidentally she does hurt herself by falling in her bathroom, but it is misconstrued into a suicide attempt at school. She goes back to school and has to face the worst: her peers. Everyone thinks that she killed herself, so she turns out to be a bigger social outcast then what she used to be. 
Then basically it goes through her life and she is blogging (and narrating) her life. The boys in this show are adorbs and I have caught myself saying Jenna's nemesis, Sadie's catch phrase: "you're welcome" one too many times. 
So if you can catch up On-Demand or online, do it. It is hillar.

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  1. I saw the commercial for this the other day.. gonna have to check it out ;D