Songs of 2000s.

Hi yall! Long time huh? I am so sorry I left you. I promise to try and get my Sundays back and start blogging again. I meess yewws. 

So, I was flipping through channels tonight, trying to find something to watch while I do my ERS homework, when I come to VH1. The greatest songs of 2000 are on!!! I loved the 90's thing, so heck yes I am crazy into it. But it was already on part 4, so I kind of cheated to see the best songs. I assumed that my husbands from high school, oh, you know, the Backstreet Boys would be on the list. 

Nstink I mean N'SYNC was on the list...so naturally, obvis BSB would be too. I was WRONG. 
They weren't even on it. Wait, like wha?! 
The One came out in 2000!
Shape of my Heart came out in 2000!
The Call came out in 2001!

Dang it. I realize that tonight, they kind of faded out after 1999. Whatevs. I still love them. Every single one of them. 

Even if Kevin left the group. 
And AJ is marrying his makeup artist. 


  1. I watched that show too and was SHOCKED BSB wasn't on the list!! They were my fave.

  2. I watched that too. Add me to the shocked list! lol loved bsb