Things I have learned in the first two weeks of school.

  • Caffeine-you may not like drinking coffee, but you become addicted. Like, bad.
  • Underage kids think they are cool. Especially when they are talking about beer. I really hope I wasn't that naive when I was 18.... 
  • Get a parking pass early. Otherwise you will be walking halfway across campus every.single.day. 
  • When you are engaged and almost 25, you really have little in common with the student body. 
  • Your social life really becomes non-existent.
  • Go to class. Bring your books. 
  • GET A BACKPACK. Who cares if you look dorky. Your Betsey Johnson cannot carry your 10391309 lb books. 
School is tough, I won't lie. But I am trying to make my university my bitch and graduate...after 6 years of being wishy-washy. Class of 2013 hopefully!

Do you have any tips for me? Should I do a study sesh post with tips? Sunday will now be my blog day/laundry day/homework day.


  1. Ha! Trying being 33, twice married, and showing up in office attire. Definitely don't fit in, definitely don't care.

    My recommendation is to learn how to skim your books, so you aren't spending your whole life reading the filler. 75% of the crap written in textbooks is junk. Skim for the important parts, highlight, or hand write them out. I find that hand writing notes, whether from the book or in class, helps me retain them better than simply highlighting or typing them. You'll get your social life back, too.

    Don't let people use your notes. They will never say thank you (okay, some will), and they will expect that you'll let them do it every time. For some reason, they always target the "older" people for this (I guess older people are more responsible? Yeah we are, we're paying for this shit ourselves haha). Sorry to generalize, but that seems to happen to me a lot.

    WORD on the backpack. I tried carrying everything in a cute bag and hurt my shoulder. Damn heels.

  2. Girl i hear ya about not fitting in with the student body.. I was 33 and married too :P Dont let it get to ya.

    Starbucks is your best friend :P Best advice i can give ya lol

  3. YEA hear ya on the backpack. My shoulder bag was so heavy I pulled a muscle IN MY CHEST and wrote a will before going to bed that night, thinking I had a heart condition or a punctured lung. NOTFUN. I got a backpack the next day.

  4. Here's a tip: your straw's upside down. ; P