My first MAC purchase!

Being a poor college student, I can rarely afford MAC and go to the MAC counter when new lines debut, but when I got the chance to go to The Cosmetics Company Store in Wisconsin Dells, I said "Baby bring the check card!" haha but seriously, I thought I was going to buy a lot there....but I actually only bought one thing: 
It was from the Venomous Villians Collection, in the color Strange Potion.
I think the queen from Sleeping Beauty? Is it bad that I don't know this?? OH. Yep. She's from Snow White! Poison Apple....its all coming back to me. The color is very pretty, kind of a coral and smells like vanilla. 
The only thing I don't like is the doe foot applicator, because I think they are cheap... but everything else is perfect. If all MAC products are like this, I totally will use them! 
And because it was from the CCS that means: 
I love makeup, but sometimes (most of the time)my money goes towards a man I am in love with: Marc Jacobs.


  1. Hooray for cheap MAC! That's awesome. I love makeup so much, but it has to be an amazing, no, beyond amazing product for me to spend more then $20 on a makeup product :/ Something that I have wanting, needing, is the Urban Decay Naked palette- now that product is def. worth it!

  2. I bought a mac nail polish a while back and love the color!