My first MAC purchase!

Being a poor college student, I can rarely afford MAC and go to the MAC counter when new lines debut, but when I got the chance to go to The Cosmetics Company Store in Wisconsin Dells, I said "Baby bring the check card!" haha but seriously, I thought I was going to buy a lot there....but I actually only bought one thing: 
It was from the Venomous Villians Collection, in the color Strange Potion.
I think the queen from Sleeping Beauty? Is it bad that I don't know this?? OH. Yep. She's from Snow White! Poison Apple....its all coming back to me. The color is very pretty, kind of a coral and smells like vanilla. 
The only thing I don't like is the doe foot applicator, because I think they are cheap... but everything else is perfect. If all MAC products are like this, I totally will use them! 
And because it was from the CCS that means: 
I love makeup, but sometimes (most of the time)my money goes towards a man I am in love with: Marc Jacobs.


Things I have learned in the first two weeks of school.

  • Caffeine-you may not like drinking coffee, but you become addicted. Like, bad.
  • Underage kids think they are cool. Especially when they are talking about beer. I really hope I wasn't that naive when I was 18.... 
  • Get a parking pass early. Otherwise you will be walking halfway across campus every.single.day. 
  • When you are engaged and almost 25, you really have little in common with the student body. 
  • Your social life really becomes non-existent.
  • Go to class. Bring your books. 
  • GET A BACKPACK. Who cares if you look dorky. Your Betsey Johnson cannot carry your 10391309 lb books. 
School is tough, I won't lie. But I am trying to make my university my bitch and graduate...after 6 years of being wishy-washy. Class of 2013 hopefully!

Do you have any tips for me? Should I do a study sesh post with tips? Sunday will now be my blog day/laundry day/homework day.


Big girls got to stick together!

Last night, I did miss the Emmy's...I know, I don't even know who I am lately! But I did keep checking winners while doing my laundry... my main girl Melissa McCarthy won Best Female Actress in a Comedy for Mike and Molly {Mike and my favorite show!!!} She is hillar.


{high pitched tone} BIRCHBOX!!!!!

I swear everyone that loves Birchbox and makes videos goes "Look what came today??! {high pitched tone} Birchboxxxxx!!!"  I guess it makes everyone that happy. 

This month was their birthday so they had a "special surprise" for you. But it wasn't any different than any other month. HB Birchbox! 

I got: 

Pangea Organics Facial Cream for Normal to Combination Skin 

Smells really good and is organic! Always a plus. 

LIV GRN C2C Fragrance Collection in Earth 

Also a very "earthy" smell. 

Incoco® Nail Polish Appliqué 

Whoo hoo! I love the concept of Nail Polish Stickers. 

Jouer Lip Enhancer

I read more about this...it seems like it is a lip plumper, but naturally? Cool. It guarantees no tingly sensation.

and a Friendship bracelet.


Blogging Hiatus (not planned!!)

School starts tomorrow. I may be non-existent for a while... (Don't leave me!) But I have to see how my life is with over 12 credits and 36 hours of work...love you guys and wish me luck! (I am kind of scared of a new school!)